Enabling the Acquisition and Exploitation of Reflected Light

Solving Challenges Across Four Markets

Headwall's products and solutions allow users to precisely acquire and then exploit reflected light. From the UV-VIS range to shortwave infrared and beyond, spectral data is a powerful tool for remote sensing, advanced machine vision, medical-biotech, and government-defense applications. Headwall's diffraction gratings, spectral modules, Raman sensors, and hyperspectral imagers represent the industry's broadest set of capabilities.


Our Markets

Headwall's spectral instruments provides differentiated solutions for these markets:



Our Spectral Ranges 






Management Team

  • David Bannon - CEO

  • David Blair - Director of Engineering

  • Pete Clemens - Director of Operations

  • Kwok Wong - Technology Manager, Spectral Imaging Products

  • Jim Gennari - Director of Finance

Board of Directors

  • David Bannon - CEO, Headwall  David has positioned Headwall as a worldwide provider of instrument-based spectral sensing solutions that touch many aspects of daily life. From precision agriculture and industrial food inspection to critical areas such as homeland security and military reconnaissance, David has helped bring the science of spectral imaging to new application areas and geographical regions 

  • Tom Crotty - Senior Partner, Battery Ventures  Tom Crotty began his Venture Capital career in 1986 when he joined Abacus Ventures. He has been in the technology industry since 1980, starting at IBM in its mainframe business. Tom has exceptional experience in successfully working with technology growth companies, leading investments in dozens of early-stage companies to position Battery Ventures as one of the industry’s premier venture firms.

  • Melba Crawford - Associate Dean of Engineering for Research, Purdue University  Dr. Crawford is a leading expert in the field of remote sensing and agronomy at Purdue University. Her focus is primarily on data analysis and image classification for agricultural applications. With experience working with imaging sensors deployed on satellites and UAVs, Dr. Crawford has a very distinguished track record not only of teaching the science of remote sensing, but of successfully deploying the technology across her fields of study.

  • Chris Calling - Chris has more than 25 years in the Photonics industry, including leading the sales and marketing functions at Andor Technology and growing the business from pre-revenue to over $150M globally. Chris also helps shape the growth and direction of Headwall's commercial business at Headwall. Chris and his family currently live in NC wife and are also heavily involved in the sports and hospitality field.

  • Larry Barstow - Co-founder of Headwall  Larry Barstow is a co-founder of Headwall. His vision and leadership proved critical to the successful emergence of Headwall as the world's leader in high-performance diffractive optics technology. He was instrumental in establishing Headwall's operational vision, building the industry's strongest team, and overseeing Headwall's manufacturing capabilities.


Our Facilities


Bolton, USA


Headwall’s headquarters and home to sales, engineering, and systems assembly. Located near Boston in the heart of Massachusetts’ technology region.


Fitchburg, USA


Headwall’s patented diffractive optical gratings are produced in controlled Clean Rooms at the Company’s Fitchburg, Massachusetts facility.


Brussels, Belgium


Headwall BVBA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Headwall, with a focus on sales, customer support, and light manufacturing for the European continent.



Visit Our Bolton, Massachusetts Facility



Our Channel Partners

Headwall is supported globally by leaders in the field of instrumentation who manage all pre- and post-sales activities and support.







Analytik serves the U.K. and Ireland from its headquarters in Swavesey, Cambridge.


Grupo ALAVA serves Spain and Portugal from its headquarters in Barcelona.


Visratek serves Turkey from its headquarters in Ankara.


EC Test Systems serves Poland from its headquarters in Krakow.


Polytec Gmbh serves Germany from its headquarters in Waldbronn.


Diessechem serves Italy from its headquarters in Milano. 


Asia/Pacific Region



NBL Imaging Systems serves China from its headquarters in Guangzhou, China.


Portable Analytical Solutions serves Australia and New Zealand from multiple locations in Australia.


Golden Way Scientific serves China from its headquarters in  Beijing.


Young-In serves South Korea from its headquarters in Seoul.

Sanyo Trading 2018.jpg

Sanyo Trading serves Japan from multiple locations, including Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.


Argo Corporation serves Japan from its headquarters in Osaka.


Electrotek serves India from its headquarters in Chennai.


Advanced Instrument Manufacturing India Limited (AIMIL) serves key applications in India from New Delhi.


Rightek serves Taiwan from its headquarters in New Taipei City.

Cadence 2018.jpg

Cadence Technologies serves the Singapore region from its headquarters in Singapore.


South America


INTERRA GEA-2018.png

INTERRA GEA serves the South American country of Colombia from its office in Bogota.


INTERRA serves the South American country of Chile from its office in Santiago.


TECNAL serves the South American country of Brazil from its office in Piracicaba, Brazil.