Food Quality

Thanks to its role as a research partner with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Headwall is helping to improve the quality and wholesomeness of a wide range of processed foods such as poultry, fish, specialty crops, and more.

Placed strategically along inspection lines, Headwall’s Hyperspec INSPECTOR can ‘see’ anomalies that humans and normal machine-vision systems might miss. These anomalies include disease conditions, rot, and the presence of foreign objects. Introducing hyperspectral sensors at the front end of the inspection line means higher quality at the back end. This results in higher yields, higher quality, higher consumer preference, and competitive separation within the market. Best of all, Headwall’s systems are built for harsh inspection lines where washing and sanitizing are all part of the process.

Headwall has a hyperspectral imaging instrument for every food-inspection application:

Advanced Machine Vision

Advanced machine vision using hyperspectral imaging makes the inspection of food products more reliable and accurate than ever. Higher-quality foods benefit everyone. Here, a high-speed line inspecting specialty crops is able to distinguish and discriminate between good product and foreign material based on very precise spectral characteristics that include color and shape.