Pharmaceutical makers can derive a competitive advantage thanks to hyperspectral and Raman imaging technologies from Headwall. Virtually every company in this broad, worldwide industry operates under strict governmental and regulatory oversight. Because of this, spectral sensing instruments are seen as an enabling technology to reach extremely high quality and reliability levels.

The monitoring of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), the high-volume sampling of raw materials, and troubleshooting blending problems are just a few areas where hyperspectral imaging can benefit the pharmaceutical industry. Others include carrying out polymorphism studies, quality control of spray dry dispersion techniques, and post-packaging analysis for anti-counterfeit verification and authentication.

Moving to production, one benefit of using hyperspectral imaging in a near-infrared (NIR) application is that it enables high sampling rates in a short period of time. Instruments can be deployed either as a multi-point solution or as a lens-based analyzer to scan large volumes of product across the production line.

The following Headwall sensors are useful within the pharmaceutical industry.