Airborne Sensor Payloads

Headwall’s airborne-qualified hyperspectral sensors are designed to be rugged and SWaP-optimized. Providing exceptional spatial and spectral resolution within a wide field-of-view is fundamental to every Headwall hyperspectral sensor. A wide field-of-view means fewer passes over a particular geographic area, but it also means excellent resolution across that entire width. Diffractive optics is the technology Headwall uses to deliver this level of performance for airborne applications because it eliminates the aberrations that would otherwise compromise vital hyperspectral data. For airborne ISR applications, Headwall understands these mission objectives:

  • Derive the spectral signature (tag) for every pixel within the field of view

  • Color-render the image scene based on a library of known spectral signatures or targets

  • Generate wavelength-specific criteria for spectral features to achieve real-time analysis of hyperspectral data

Headwall is the world's leading producer of hyperspectral imaging systems for critical airborne applications: