Mission objectives can’t always be handled by aircraft, UAVs, or from mast-mounted arrays. Headwall understands this by packaging its high-performance hyperspectral sensor into a handheld unit that is light, rugged, and easy to use. Hyperspec RECON, designed for troop-deployed reconnaissance missions, renders a 6” hyperspectral scene in one to three second and at a distance of 1 km. As the first such hyperspectral sensor to be deployed, Hyperspec RECON uses Headwall’s diffractive optics technology to ensure that the system is rugged, has very few moving parts, and is simple to use in the field of battle. The appeal of a deployable asset such as Hyperspec RECON is that mission objectives (target sets and signatures of interest) can be loaded onto the system via SD card. This makes it extremely versatile across a wide range of applications.

Headwall's core product for handheld mission deployment: