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Hyperspectral imaging is particularly useful to grade and inspect food products such as specialty crops, nuts & grains, and meat products such as lamb, poultry, and beef. Spectral imaging sensors provide hundreds of closely-spaced bands to capture useful data during inspection. This far exceeds the capability of standard three-band (RGB) cameras.


Hyperspec INSPECTOR™ is available for several spectral ranges, from VNIR to SWIR. It is rugged and purpose-built for the rigors of food-inspection environments. It includes data storage inside the enclosure, which is environmentally secure.

Hyperspec-MV (machine vision) is a small, lightweight VNIR sensor represents an affordable entry point for advanced machine vision applications.

Headwall's approach for advanced machine vision extends beyond the imaging sensors to complete and powerful applications software plus integration with robotics systems. The result is a turnkey approach to food inspection and grading, as well as inspection of recycled materials.


Headwall manufactures sensors covering ranges such as the visible-near-infrared (VNIR) from 400-1000nm as well as the shortwave-infrared (SWIR) from 900-2500nm.