Earth Observation

Headwall’s hyperspectral sensors are space-qualified for critical earth-observation applications. This means not only being rugged from a mechanical and environmental perspective, but also having the spatial and spectral resolution needed to identify and analyze everything within the field of view. The appeal of hyperspectral sensing from satellites is that the technology can provide simultaneously precise information for all wavelengths across the complete spectral range.

There are several requirements for satellite deployment that are met by Headwall sensors. First is a design that is completely reflective. Second is very high optical efficiency, which Headwall meets at greater than 90%. Third is aberration-corrected imaging, which is delivered by Headwall’s diffractive optics technology and eliminates the unwanted effects of ‘keystone’ and ‘smile.’ Finally, a very wide field of view allows the satellite to provide excellent data collection to either side of its orbit.

Download the Space & Satellite Application Note