Environmental Monitoring

From forestry management and precision agriculture to pollution control, the science of hyperspectral sensing is playing a key role in helping to shape our environment in several positive ways.

Fixed-wing aircraft and hand-launched, low-altitude UAVs represent a platform from which scientists can determine the suitability of croplands and detect diseases and other stress-related conditions. Crops are more plentiful and nourishing, especially for areas where famine relief is a vital requirement. Specific spectral signatures give hyperspectral sensors the information they need to rapidly survey the land below them. The data is immediately actionable, telling farmers where to plant their valuable crops…and when.

Forestry management is also a perfect deployment for hyperspectral imaging because the presence of invasive species or diseases can be immediately determined and the health of the land protected. Finally, pollution control—on land or water—is another key aspect of environmental monitoring that hyperspectral sensors can help improve.

For environmental monitoring, choose from these airborne hyperspectral sensors from Headwall:

Micro-Hyperspec aboard Custom UAV

This airborne configuration features a custom multi-rotor UAV with Headwall's Micro-Hyperspec sensor, LiDAR (an optional add-on) and on-board data processing and storage. Also included is Headwall's Hyperspec III application software which does the following:

  • Controls operation of the sensor while aloft, with respect to precise GPS coordinates

  • Manages post-processing tasks such as orthorectification if needed

  • Provides waterfall and real-time displays