Collaborative Engineering

Headwall is known for its ability to rapidly design and prototype complex gratings and spectral instruments for demanding OEM and end-user applications. The Headwall team comprises optical scientists and engineers who focus on key parameters such as efficiency, spectral and spatial resolution, and a wide field of view. By partnering with Headwall, you’ll gain access to a high degree of optical expertise that essentially represents a strategic and efficient extension of your own engineering resources. The result is rapid movement from concept to prototype and then to full-scale production. You’ll also benefit from Headwall’s innovative approach to optics that results in smaller and lighter instruments that are affordable and easy to use.

Headwall inherited over two decades of pioneering work in the specialized area of high-performance diffraction gratings from American Holographic. The Company successfully combined that knowhow with the manufacturing process discipline of Agilent Technologies. Today Headwall is a leader in nanostructure manufacturing, offering high-efficiency and low stray-light gratings and modules in the smallest form factors available. These gratings and modules then form the basis for a wide range of spectral instruments that Headwall also manufactures, including hyperspectral and Raman.


Headwall, with manufacturing facilities in the United States and Belgium, has a broader set of design, manufacturing, and testing capabilities than any other spectral imaging company. Vertical integration is a core Headwall competency that ranges from high performance diffraction gratings and OEM spectral instruments all the way up to Hyperspectral sensor systems and Raman imagers. Manufacturing flexibility, scalability and automation allows Headwall to create and modify grating profiles to meet specific application requirements and move from prototype to full-scale production seamlessly. Every grating produced by Headwall in its cleanroom environment is an original master, resulting in the highest level of wavefront uniformity.

Manufacturing and testing is done within Headwall’s Class 1000 clean room with Class 100/10 mini-environments. Headwall was also one of the first manufacturers of its size to achieve ISO-9001:2008 certification, and the Company is regularly audited to maintain this certification. This is a key advantage for OEM customers who need to partner with suppliers meeting the highest worldwide industry standards.


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