Data Acquisition Products

Headwall has the industry's broadest array of spectral instruments, software and integrated solutions for both end users and OEMs.





Diffraction Gratings

Headwall's core technology is the holographic diffraction grating, a small component that manages reflected light by separating it into narrow, discrete spectral bands. Headwall makes its original gratings to exact customer specifications based on sizes, form factors, groove profiles, and more. Gratings represent the optical engines for everything Headwall manufactures.

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Headwall's OEM products include single-point, dual-beam, and multichannel spectrometers. These products are used in applications as diverse as automotive, color processing, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and medical/biotech where high spectral and spatial resolution are vital.

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Spectral Imaging Sensors

Because Headwall produces its own optical components, it achieves extremely high spectral and spatial resolution, high signal-to-noise specifications, and low stray light. The Hyperspec family of high-performance imaging sensors range from UV-VIS to SWIR, all in small and lightweight enclosures.

Scanning Kits

The need for small-sample hyperspectral imaging lends itself to Headwall's integrated scanning kits, which are available for UV-VIS up to SWIR. These kits can be used in conjunction with any Hyperspec® imaging sensor and include everything needed: gantry, illumination, moving stage, software, and illumination.

Raman Imaging

Headwall's precise gratings and custom design capabilities enable application-specific Raman instruments that deliver low stray light and high diffraction efficiency. High-throughput multi-channel imaging and non-imaging designs are possible, all with negligible inter-channel crosstalk.

Data Storage

Hyperspectral datacubes represent complex sets of information. Storing and managing this data is the role of Headwall's Hyperspec Data Processing Units. The Standard HDPU is for lab use; the compact HDPU is for selected airborne applications. Both have 1TB of storage and use Hyperspec III software to manage data acquisition and post-processing tasks.

Integrated Airborne Solutions

Headwall's integrated airborne solutions are deigned, built, and tested to meet the rigors of airborne applications. Headwall's Hyperspec® imaging sensors can be combined aboard UAVs with LiDAR, thermal, RGB, and high-precision GPS/IMU in packages that are flight-ready. 

Deployment Flexibility

Headwall's hyperspectral imaging sensors are designed to be both rugged and light, making them ideally suited for airborne and ground-based applications. Here, Headwall's co-aligned VNIR/SWIR instrument (400-2500nm) is shown aboard a DJI Matrice 600 Pro UAV and on a tripod-mounted rotation stage.

Process-Control Solutions

Advanced Machine Vision represents a new, integrated technology for the food-inspection and recycling industries. Headwall delivers complete solutions that combine hyperspectral imaging sensors, applications software, robotics, and illumination.

Applications Software

Headwall complements its hardware with high-performance applications software that allows users to interpret and exploit the data they collect. From advanced machine vision to airborne remote sensing, Headwall provides the industry's most intuitive and powerful hyperspectral-focused software packages.