Diffractive Optics

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Headwall leads the spectral sensing industry with innovative diffractive optics designs. Each integrated spectral instrument and OEM spectral engine leverages Headwall's proprietary, aberration-corrected diffraction gratings to achieve unparalleled imaging performance. Benefits include temperature insensitivity for robustness, no moving parts for reliable performance, very high SNR, low stray light, and outstanding spectral and spatial resolution.

All-reflective designs manage light better than any other technique; exceedingly low stray light and excellent spatial and spectral resolution are hallmarks of this approach. From handheld spectrometers to satellite-based remote sensors, Headwall delivers integrated hyperspectral and Raman solutions built to exceed the most demanding scientific applications.

Headwall’s worldwide OEM partnerships support defense, medical and industrial applications with a range of single- and dual-beam spectrographs, integrated micro spectrometers, and application specific spectrometers. Headwall also offers a reconfigurable development platform for proof of concept and alpha phase development of custom OEM systems that feature spectral ranges from UV to NIR. One of Headwall's key advantages is its ability to produce and deliver prototypes very rapidly.