Original Holographic Diffraction Gratings

All-Original Diffraction Gratings

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A fundamental differentiator for Headwall Photonics can be found in the highly-engineered optical elements known as diffraction gratings. Gratings made by Headwall are all-originals...not replicates. Designs include planar, aberration-corrected concave/convex, and Rowland Circle. Markets include telecommunications, spectroscopy, colorimetry, biomedical, and other analytical applications.

Since highest performance from cannot be obtained from diffraction gratings manufactured with 'replication' techniques, Headwall focuses solely on 'original' gratings and is the only company in the world that can make this statement.

holographic gratings

The original grating manufacturing technique can accurately create the groove profiles necessary for high efficiency and low PDL. Replication manufacturing techniques cannot repeatably reproduce the subtle groove profiles required for high performance. The advantages of an all-original design include efficiencies in excess of 90% on our High Efficiency/Low Loss designs, and PDL as low as a few tenths of a dB on our LPDL designs.

The holographic original technique also permits the recording of gratings on concave and convex surfaces. Headwall pioneered the development of aberration-corrected concave gratings and continues to refine its designs to deliver specifications that demanding high-reliability applications require.

For a more detailed discussion of your application-specific requirements, please ask an engineer.

diffraction grating

Diffraction Gratings

The design and manufacture of high performance holographic or diamond-turned gratings is a core competency for Headwall Photonics.

Optimized for deployment in harsh environments such as telecommunications infrastructure or remote sensing, Headwall's diffraction gratings achieve the highest optical efficiency and environmental durability — all customized for your needs.

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