Headwall Overview


Born from an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Headwall began with a singular focus on diffractive optics and the unique ability to collect and manage reflected light.

The Company was founded in 2003 after an operational divestiture from the holographic gratings division of Agilent Technologies of Santa Clara, CA.

grating-1Headwall's founders understood that this core technology could  enable a new class of instruments called spectral imaging sensors. The pairing of spectroscopy and imaging allowed users to collect complex spectral information and then exploit that data to solve challenges in remote sensing, medical-biotech, defense, and advanced machine vision.

Today, Headwall is a multi-facility global leader in spectral imaging that produces products and solutions for commercial users who need the tools to rapidly and precisely acquire and exploit spectral data.



Why the Headwall Name? 

Headwall's founders are avid outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of climbing some of the tallest peaks around. One of these is at Mount Washington (the highest of the Presidential Range in New Hampshire). The Headwall is at Tuckerman Ravine and it is a very challenging climb with incredibly satisfying views once at the top.

Tuckerman Ravine


Appropriately, the Headwall logo soars in a similar fashion to signify the Company's focus on solving complex challenges with innovative optical, spectroscopic, and mechanical solutions.