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Hyperspec Industry First!

Headwall is pleased to announce that Hyperspec® RECON has been chosen as an R&D 100 Award recipient for 2012.

Hyperspec RECON

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The handheld Hyperspec® RECON VNIR (380-1000 nm) imaging sensor is an industry first, offering discrete identification of targets for reconnaissance applications at distances of 1.5 kilometers...all in a ruggedized, handheld package.

Hyperspec RECONHyperspec RECON is designed for deployment as an essential forward reconnaissance-mission asset It was chosen as a R&D100 Award recipient for 2012 and nominated as a PRISM Award Finalist for 2011 during the Photonics West convention in early 2012.

The sensor provides very rapid hyperspectral scene rendering and does so with user-selectable optics comprising a wide field-of-view or telephoto.

For field deployment as an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance sensor (ISR), the Hyperspec RECON™ provides true point & stare hyperspectral functionality with rendered hyperspectral scenes generated in 1 to 3 seconds. As a very flexible reconnaissance platform, specific target sets and signatures of interest are either downloaded to the sensor or made available via standard SD-RAM storage chips.