Hyperspectral Imaging Sensors

Headwall Photonics is the leading designer and manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging sensors.

Headwall Photonics has been at the forefront of hyperspectral imaging since 1994 while continuously advancing the capabilities of its sensor products. With its patented, aberration-corrected Hyperspec® sensors, the company has established a worldwide reputation for exceptional imaging performance.

Up to this point, wide area or high volume sampling was limited to single point measurement techniques; now hyperspectral imagers provide much greater sampling capability when deployed as a lens-based system or as multi-point/multi-channel instruments. Headwall's patented, f/2, aberration-corrected hyperspectral sensors provide users with unparalleled imaging performance free of image distortion.

wavelength graphic

Key attributes of Hyperspec instruments include:

  • All reflective, concentric design
  • High efficiency diamond-turned or 'original' holographic gratings
  • Aberration-corrected imaging
  • Tall image slit for wide field of view
  • High signal-to-noise
  • Lightweight, small form factor
  • Robust with no moving parts
  • No prism or transmissive optics

Designed for imaging in harsh environments, Headwall's Hyperspec and Micro-Hyperspec™ sensors lead the industry in spectral and spatial imaging performance. Headwall offers a range of high performance, concentric imaging sensors which can be readily customized performance and cost. Standard COTS hyperspectral sensors include:

Standard COTS hyperspectral sensors include: