For Reconnaissance & Defense Applications

High Efficiency Hyperspec® NIR & SWIR

High-Efficiency Hyperspectral Headwall's High Efficiency Hyperspec® NIR (900 - 1700nm) & High Efficiency Hyperspec SWIR (900 - 2500nm) imaging sensors offer extreme performance for the most demanding hyperspectral applications.

Headwall's High Efficiency Hyperspec NIR & SWIR integrated hyperspectral imaging sensors offer the highest optical performance and diffraction efficiency available in the industry. Targeting the most demanding spectral imaging applications, the High Efficiency Hyperspec spectrometers offer diffraction efficiency greater than 90%, aberration-corrected imaging, and a completely athermalized, lightweight sensor design.

The High Efficiency Hyperspec imagers are optimized for airborne sensor requirements. Easily mounted in a turret configuration. key attributes of these Hyperspec sensors include superior imaging performance (greater than 90% optical efficiency), flight path efficiency with a tall image slit, and athermalized, lightweight construction — a robust design for environmental durability & measurement accuracy and repeatability.

Hyperspec RECON™

Hyperspec RECONGet the Hyperspec RECON data sheet here

The handheld Hyperspec RECON VNIR (380-1000 nm) imaging sensor offers discrete identification of targets for reconnaissance applications at distances of 1.5 kilometers. The ruggedized Hyperspec RECON™ sensor is designed for handheld deployment for essential forward reconnaissance. The Hyperspec RECON™ sensor provides very rapid hyperspectral scene rendering of small targets at distances up to 1.5 kilometers.

For field deployment as an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance sensor (ISR), the Hyperspec RECON™ provides true point & stare hyperspectral functionality with rendered hyperspectral scenes generated in 1 to 3 seconds. As a very flexible reconnaissance platform, specific target sets and signatures of interest are either downloaded to the sensor or made available via standard SD-RAM storage chips.



Hyperspectral for food safety


Spectral imaging in agriculture applications provide process monitoring advantages leading to increased production yields and improved product quality and food safety.

Read more information on Headwall's agriculture initiaitives.

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