Hyperspec Data Processing Unit

Hyperspec® Data Processing Unit (HDPU)

Headwall Photonics has designed a specialized, high-speed computer data system called the Hyperspec Data Processing Unit (HDPU). It utilizes a powerful Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) in addition to a traditional central processing unit (CPU) to achieve extremely fast data capture, transfer, and processing speeds.  A Hyperspec Data Processing Unitsolid-state, high-capacity hard drive provides extremely fast read/write times to and from the disk.  The full complement of 8GB of RAM assures rapid processing of application-specific algorithms and the classification or search for particular spectral signatures or threshold conditions within the scene.

The Hyperspec Data Processing Unit (HDPU) is optimized for hyperspectral imaging applications by providing dedicated, high-speed processing resources for image acquisition and the analysis and interrogation of the spectral and spatial imaging datacube.

Hyperspectral sensing allows for the identification of all objects within the field of view of the sensor based on the inherent chemical composition or spectral fingerprint of the sample or target.  Often classified as ‘push-broom’ technology, hyperspectral imagers such as Headwall’s Hyperspec® family of sensors acquire critical and valuable spectral and spatial data that can be rapidly processed and analyzed.

fruit spectral imaging


In critical hyperspectral imaging applications, scene scanning across a wide or continuous field of view can often result in very large data files comprising all spectral and spatial data. Hyperspectral datacubes can grow to several gigabytes in size.  Also, applications such as airborne hyperspectral surveys or moving-web (paper, textiles, or films) require extremely rapid data acquisition and analysis to extract spectral features of interest.

The system can be readily configured for wireless access and control of Hyperspec sensors.



food inspection


Spectral imaging in agriculture applications provide process monitoring advantages leading to increased production yields and improved product quality and food safety.

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