Point & Stare Sensor

Hyperspec® Point & Stare

Point-and-Stare The Hyperspec® Point & Stare sensor provides superior spectral and spatial imaging for military, defense, and homeland security applications in the VNIR (400-1000nm), NIR (900-1700nm), Extended VNIR (550-1700nm), SWIR (1000-2500nm).


  • Military, defense & homeland security
  • Threat Assessment
  • Perimeter & Base Security
  • Border Security
  • Search & Rescue
  • Mobile Sensor Deployment

Headwall's Hyperspec Point & Stare sensor provides a superior imaging solution for imaging applications requiring stationary deployment of the hyperspectral imager. Offering considerable deployment flexibility, the Hyperspec Point & Stare sensor is ideal for mobile sensor deployment where the unit can be mast-mounted for such applications as base protection, border security, and perimeter observation.

The Hyperspec Point & Stare sensor is optimized for stationary sensor requirements in harsh environments. Easily mounted in configurations with other sensors, key attributes of this "point & stare" Hyperspec sensor include superior imaging performance, offers a wide field of view with a tall image slit, and a robust design for environmental durability.

The Hyperspec Point & Stare sensor features wavelength-selectable hyperspectral scanning options, an embedded image processor for data management and high-speed system throughput, automated adjustable focus, and internal calibration standards for wavelength accuracy and measurement integrity.

The award-winning, Hyperspec imaging spectrometer family is built on a totally reflective concentric, f/2.4 optical design and optimized for imaging in harsh environments. All Hyperspec instruments are based on Headwall's patented aberration-corrected, imaging design which feature the company's high efficiency diffraction gratings.

In order to minimize stray light and aberrations, transmissive optical components such as prisms are not used within the imaging spectrometer. This platform is further enhanced by a telecentric optical input design which enables superior spectral and spatial imaging.



Remote sensing


Spectral tagging, tracking, and surveillance applications demand high performance imaging sensors. Micro-Hyperspec™ sensors are designed for small UAV platforms and unmanned robotic platforms where small size and exceptional spectral/spatial resolution are critical.

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