Available for VIS, VNIR, NIR Models

Hyperspec® Starter Kit™

Hyperspec Starter Kit

Easy deployment of Hyperspec sensors and rapid creation of hyperspectral datacubes

The Hyperspec® Starter Kit offers users in industrial, life sciences, and medical application areas a flexible system designed to maximize the benefits of a customer's investment in hyperspectral imaging technology. With an adaptable selection of proven technology components and customizable software, hyperspectral users have the ability to significantly reduce the time necessary to get their projects and applications up and running.

The Hyperspec Starter Kit allows users to rapidly scan a range of material samples, create a hyperspectral cube data, and display image results or export image data to an industry standard software application. Ease of use and increased productivity are key benefits of Headwall's Hyperspec Starter Kit™.

With minimal time, users are able to generate hyperspectral datacubes of samples with the folowing capabilities:

  • Derive the spectral signature for every point within the field of view for material classification.
  • Color-render the object image within the field of view based on an established library of known spectral signatures.
  • For specific wavelengths of interest, scan objects and samples based on intensity thresholds and display rendered images.

Hyperspec Starter Kit includes the following components: Hyperspec image acquisition & display software, high speed linear stage, high intensity light line, rugged gantry for Hyperspec sensor mounting. Starter kits are available in models accomodating UV-VIS / VNIR and NIR spectral regions.



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Hyperspectral imaging


Spectral imaging in agriculture applications provide process monitoring advantages leading to increased production yields and improved product quality and food safety.

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