Hyperspec VIS and UV-VIS

Hyperspec® VIS & Hyperspec® UV-VIS

Hyperspec UV-VIS Integrated hyperspectral imaging sensors for color measurement and life sciences applications

The Hyperspec VIS and Hyperspec UV-VIS hyperspectral imaging instruments are specifically designed and customized to meet the needs of spectral imaging applications covering the visible range of 380nm to 780nm and the ultraviolet to visible range of 330nm to 830nm. These Hyperspec instruments are available as lens-based imagers or as multi-channel, multi-point fiber instruments.

The Hyperspec VIS instrument is targeted to meet the high spectral imaging demands of the color and appearance industry where mission-critical moving webs of product are carefully monitored for spectral and spatial consistency. Industry sectors such as pulp & paper, textiles, and recycling are key verticals demanding measurement accuracy and precision with on-line and in-line process monitoring sensors.

The Hyperspec UV-VIS instrument is designed specifically for life sciences and laboratory imaging applications, particularly microscopy-based applications with requirements for imaging into the mid-ultraviolet spectral range.

Both the Hyperspec VIS and Hyperspec UV-VIS models take advantage of Headwall's patented hyperspectral technology to generate aberration-corrected images characterized by 1-2 nanometer spectral resolution and unparalleled spatial resolution. In order to achieve high signal-to-noise performance, all Hyperspec-VNIR and Hyperspec-NIR products utilize Headwall Photonics' world-renowned "original" holographic gratings that minimize stray light to achieve superior photometric accuracy particularly in dark background applications

Hyperspec UV

Hyperspec UV Hyperspec UV imaging sensor is designed for spectral region the 300nm to 600 nm spectral range. Headwall's Hyperspec UV integrated hyperspectral imaging sensor provides the foundation for utilizing hyperspectral imaging to achieve superior spectral sensing and chemical imaging results for mission-critical applications ranging from biomedical applications to forensic science to process monitoring where UV measurement is a critical application parameter.

Key attributes of the hyperspectral imaging instrument are:

  • High performance aberration corrected hyperspectral imaging for 300 - 600 nm
  • Fully reflective imager eliminates chromatic distortion over the entire wavelength range
  • Back-Illuminated CMOS sensor optimized for ultra-violet response
  • 100% fill-factor and high Quantum Efficiency (QE) maximizes UV sensitivity & dynamic range
  • Greater than 50 frames per second digital readout



Food processing analytics


Spectral imaging in agriculture applications provide process monitoring advantages leading to increased production yields and improved product quality and food safety.

Read more information on Headwall's agriculture initiaitives.

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