Hyperspectral High Resolution Imaging Sensor

Hyperspec® VS Spectrographs

Hyperspec VS Performance-leading imager for broad base of spectral regions

Headwall's Hyperspec VS family of imaging spectrographs are very compact, high-throughput imaging spectrographs for use with the latest large-format focal plane array detectors. With an exceptionally large and distortion-free image plane, these all-reflective, concentric design spectrographs are intended for hyperspectral imaging applications where very high spectral-spatial resolution is required.

All Hyperspec imaging instruments are available as lens-based imagers or as multi-channel, multi-point fiber instruments.

Employing our world-renowned original holographic diffraction gratings to dramatically reduce stray light, the Hyperspec VS family employs Headwall's patented, aberration-corrected convex grating designs which eliminate focal plane distortions such as keystone and smile. High throughput optics (f/2.0) ensure high signal to noise ratios. The concentric spectrograph design enables exceptional imaging over the full extent of an 18 mm tall slit, providing the highest spatial resolution available. The entrance slit is 12 µm wide resulting in superb spectral resolution, which permits "binning" for enhanced sensitivity.

Expanding on the Hyperspec VS-15 product, Headwall offers these proven, fourth generation sensors. The Hyperspec VS-25 imaging spectrograph covers 400-1000 nm over a 6 mm dispersion with extremely high optical efficiency and resolution. For applications in the NIR region, from 900nm to 1700nm, Headwall offers the Hyperspec VS-50 spectrograph and the Hyperspec VS-75 for the SWIR region of 1000nm to 2500nm. All of these products are designed for imaging in harsh environments and are available as a spectrograph or as complete, integrated hyperspectral imaging instruments.



hyperspectral for food-processingHyperspec® Inspector

Spectral imaging in agriculture applications provide process monitoring advantages leading to increased production yields and improved product quality and food safety.

Read more information on Headwall's agriculture initiaitives.

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