Hyperspectral Imaging Sensors

Hyperspec® VNIR and Hyperspec® NIR Family of Integrated Hyperspectral Imaging Sensors

Hyperspec NIR, VNIR Headwall Photonics Hyperspec® family of integrated hyperspectral imaging sensors provide the foundation for utilizing hyperspectral imaging across a diverse set of mission-critical applications. Following on the success of Headwall's Hyperspec VS25 and VS50 hyperspectral products, the new Hyperspec VNIR and Hyperspec NIR sensor models deliver on Headwall's vision of applying hyperspectral imaging capabilities to new markets and applications. By applying our optical engineering and hyperspectral imaging expertise gained through years of experience working with military and defense customers, Headwall's fully-integrated Hyperspec products offer unparalleled imaging capabilities for a wide range of application needs for medical, life sciences, and industrial customers.

  • Hyperspec-VNIR - 10 models available covering the VNIR spectral range (400-1000 nm)
  • Hyperspec-NIR - 5 models available covering the NIR spectral region (900-1700 nm)

Each model is configurable to optimize application-specific performance based on spectral and spatial resolution requirements as well as cost. Custom spectral ranges with integrated detectors are also available. Please contact Headwall's application engineering team for configuration assistance and additional information.

Hyperspec VNIR 400 - 1000nm

Hyperspec VNIRHeadwall Photonics Hyperspec VNIR integrated hyperspectral Imaging sensors are comprised are comprised of ten standard models, all based on Headwall's patented aberration-corrected imaging systems. These systems feature a totally reflective, f/2 optical design. Headwall offers the C Series and D Series hyperspectral sensors which feature different detectors and electronics, each with unique capabilities. To provide application-specific performance, over 100 different configurations are available.

Hyperspec Extended VNIR 600 - 1600nm

Hyperspec Extended VNIRHeadwall's Hyperspec Extended VNIR imaging spectrometer specifically targets the spectral range of 600 nanometers to 1600nm nanometers to uniquely offer high resolution spectral imaging capabilities for a wide range of manufacturing and remote sensing applications. By bridging the traditional boundaries between the traditional VNIR (400 to 1000 nm) and NIR (900 to 1700) spectral regions, this fully integrated Hyperspec Extended VNIR imaging sensor offers a unique solution to address this critical spectral region. The patented, Hyperspec imaging spectrometer family is built on a totally reflective concentric, f/2.0 optical design and optimized for imaging in harsh environments Learn more

Hyperspec NIR 900 - 1700nm

Hyperspec NIRHeadwall Photonics Hyperspec NIR integrated hyperspectral Imaging sensors provide superior spectral and spatial resolution for a wide range of industrial control and process monitoring applications where spectral analysis in the wavelength range of 900 to 1700 nanometers is critical. The Hyperspec NIR sensors are configurable for a wide range of application requirements and offer superior photometric accuracy at cost-effective prices. The patented, totally reflective concentric design and telecentric optical input feature f/2 imaging performance.

Hyperspec SWIR 1000 - 2500nm

Hyperspec SWIRHeadwall Photonics Hyperspec-SWIR imaging sensor, based on Headwall's patented aberration-corrected design, provides exceptional spectral and spatial resolution performance across a broad range of industrial and government applications requiring spectral performance in the range of 1000 to 2500 nm. These integrated systems feature a totally reflective, f/2 optical design. Allowing customers to rapidly gain the benefits of hyperspectral imaging, Headwall offers customers feature rich Hyperspec software as well as a hyperspectral 'Starter Kit' consisting of all of the components necessary to mount the imaging sensor, a linear stage with motion control software to scan the sample, and industrial lighting to illuminate the object of interest. To provide application-specific performance, a range of different configurations are available.

Hyperspec VS Family of Imaging Spectrographs

Hyperspec VSHeadwall offers a family of application-specific, high throughput, compact spectrographs providing unrivaled spectral-spatial resolution. The Hyperspec VS-25 covers the VNIR spectral range (400-1000 nm), the Hyperspec VS-50 covers the NIR region (900-1700 nm), and the Hyperspec VS-50E covers the SWIR region from 1000nm to 2500 nm.

Hyperspec Starter Kit

Hyperspec Starter KitHeadwall Photonics' Hyperspec Starter Kit™ offers users in industrial, life sciences, and medical application areas a flexible system designed to maximize the benefits of a customer's investment in hyperspectral imaging technology. With an adaptable selection of proven technology components and customizable software, hyperspectral users have the ability to significantly reduce the time necessary to get their projects and applications up and running.

The starter kit allows users to rapidly scan a range of material samples, create a three dimensional hyperspectral cube data, and display image results or export image data to an industry standard software application package. Ease of use and increased productivity are key benefits of Headwall's Hyperspec Starter Kit™.

With the Hyperspec Starter Kit™, users can adjust and customize a range of operating parameters: the spatially resolved area of your sample, the angle of illumination at the sample, the illumination intensity at the sample, the speed at which the sample is scanned, as well as customize for spectral and spatial image binning.



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Spectral imaging in agriculture applications provide process monitoring advantages leading to increased production yields and improved product quality and food safety.

Read more information on Headwall's agriculture initiaitives.

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