Micro Hyperspec Imaging Spectrometers

Micro-Hyperspec® Imaging Sensors

Micro HyperspecSmall hyperspectral sensors for small UAVs and unmanned robotic platforms

Headwall Photonics' Micro-Hyperspec® spectrometers address the need for very small, lightweight, robust hyperspectral imaging spectrometers that are capable of being deployed in a wide range of harsh application environments.

The Micro-Hyperspec provides a superb combination of small spectrograph size without compromising high optical performance. With a flexible design, the Micro-Hyperspec imaging spectrometer is available in two models: the Micro-Hyperspec VNIR (400 to 1000nm) and the Micro-Hyperspec NIR (900 to 1700nm).

Based on Headwall's patented aberration-corrected concentric design, the Micro-Hyperspec features high resolution, distortion-free imaging. High signal-to-noise ratio is achieved by utilizing Headwall's high efficiency, original holographic diffraction gratings that also offers minimal stray light.

For a range of applications, particularly those involving military & defense, space research, or remote sensing, spectral/spatial resolution and high dynamic range are key performance parameters.

Headwall Photonics, the leading manufacturer of hyperspectral instruments, continues to establish industry benchmarks for hyperspectral imaging performance with the Micro-Hyperspec spectrometer, the latest member of the Hyperspec family of application-specific hyperspectral instruments.



Hyperspectral remote sensing


Spectral tagging, tracking, and surveillance applications demand high performance imaging sensors. Micro-Hyperspec™ sensors are designed for small UAV platforms and unmanned robotic platforms where small size and exceptional spectral/spatial resolution are critical.

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