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Headwall's Hyperspec RECON wins Prestigious R&D 100 Award. Journal: R&D Magazine. Called the 'Oscars of Innovation,' the R&D 100 Awards recognize and celebrate the top 100 technology products of the year. Headwall is proud to announce that its Hyperspec RECON VNIR sensor was one of the winning entries for 2012.

Hyperspectral Imaging Gets Stamp of Approval for Food Processing. Journal: Photonics Spectra. Article written by David Bannon and Christopher Van Veen discusses how hyperspectral imaging can help make foods safer and more healthful during inspection while demonstrating other application areas for this technology. (June 2012)

Scanning the Spectrum with Hyperspectral Imaging. Journal: Geospatial Intelligence Forum. Article by Cheryl Gerber discusses how the science and technology of hyperspectral imaging is becoming more mainstream and affordable in the reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering domain. Interview with CEO David Bannon. (March 2012)

Manufacturing Benefits of Hyperspectral & Raman Imaging Techniques
Journal: Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology (IPT). Article by David Bannon
Headwall Photonics' CEO David Bannon discusses the use of hyperspectral and Raman imaging within the pharmaceutical industry. December 2011

Hyperspectral Sensing in UAVs
Journal: Remote Sensing of Environment. Article by Zarco-Tejada, P.J., et al
Instituto de Agricultura Sostenible (IAS) deploys Headwall‘s Micro-Hyperspec VNIR in UAVs to track stress levels in food crops. December 2011

Spectral Imaging Sensor — Headwall Photonics Introduces Handheld Spectral Sensor
Jeff McKaughan, Editor-In-Chief
Headwall's Handheld RECON and Micro-Hyperspec Sensors Captures Attention At the GEOINT 2011 Conference
October, 2011

Small Unmanned Airships for Agriculture, Forestry & Other Land Use Programs in Latin America
Adrian Peña Cervantes & Victor X. Enriquez Champutiz
Headwall's Micro-Hyperspec serves as small, lightweight hyperspectral sensor payload for this unmanned airship.
August, 2011

Frost & Sullivan - Medical and Diagnostic Imaging Technology Alert
Excerpt - Headwall hyperspectral sensor used for biomedical screening
May 17, 2011

USDA Researchers Shed Light on Produce Safety
Headwall hyperspectral scanners inspect apples & other produce
Food Safety News Article
May 16, 2011

5 State of the Art Military Technologies That Helped Take Out Bin Laden
FOXNEWS Article cites hyperspectral cameras as key technology
May 5, 2011

The Secret Team That Killed bin Laden
Hyperspectral sensors mentioned as key technology
National Journal Article
May 2, 2011

Flight Simulator - Manufacturing gets a lift from unmanned aerial vehicles
UAVs exploit small sensor systems
Micro Manufacturing Magazine Article
March/April 2011

Point-and-Stare Operation And High-Speed Image Acquisition In Real-Time Hyperspectral Imaging
August 2010

Military Wants To Tag Vehicles To Track Terrorists
AOL News
January 2010

NIR 2009 Conference - SpectroscopyEurope Interview With Headwall Photonics on Hyperspectral Imaging Technology
Ian Michael spoke to Jay Zakrzewski, Director, Business Development, at the Headwall stand of their Australian distributor, NIR Technology Systems
January 2010

Hyperspectral Imaging - Cubes & Slices
Nature Photonics
November 2009

NASA Remote Sensing - Hyperspectral-LIDAR System for Terrestrial Applications
Larry Corp et al - NASA Goddard (SPIE Manuscript)
October 2009

Advances In Hyperspectral & Multispectral Imaging
Technology Whitepaper - Headwall Photonics
September 2009

Food Inspection: The Hyperspectral Perspective
Asia Pacific Food Industry
August 2009

Agri-Photonics: Agriculture Improves With Photonics Technologies
SPIE Professional
July 2009
Credit: This article is copyright of SPIE Professional

Hyperspectral Imaging Technology Can Help Control Your Manufacturing Processes
PFQ - Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality
June 2009

Hyperspectral Imaging: Seeing the Big Picture
Optics & Laser Europe
May 2009

Hyperspectral Microscopy: A Richer View of Bio Structures
Headwall customer CytoViva describes advantages of hyperspectral microscopy
BioOptics - May 2009

Quantification and Threshold Detection in Real-Time Hyperspectral Imaging
Presented at SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing Conference
May 2009

On-Line High-Speed NIR Diffuse-Reflectance Imaging Spectroscopy in Food Quality Monitoring
Presented at SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing Conference
May 2009

Advances in Hyperspectral Imaging Technologies - Multi-Channel Fiber Sensing
Presented at SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing Conference
April 2009

How One Company Turned Military Research Into a High-Tech Weapon for Cancer
CytoViva Develops Innovative Hyperspectral Microscopy Instrument
Technology Alabama Magazine Fall 2008
Headwall Photonics Microscopy Application

Advances in Hyperspectral Imaging
Hyperspectral imaging paper presented at Optical Complex Systems Conference, France
Headwall Photonics Application Note
March, 2008

Hyperspectral Imaging For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations
Hyperspectral Imaging Technology & Application For Use With Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Headwall Photonics Application Note
November, 2007

Dispersive Raman Imaging
Review of Spectrograph Designs & the Impact on Spectral and Spatial Resolution
Headwall Photonics Application Note
November, 2007

Update on Unmanned Airborne Systems- Unclassified
Creech AFB Technical Bulletin
October, 2007

Miniature Hyperspectral Sensors for Imaging on Small UAVs
Defense Tech Briefs
June, 2007

Headwall Photonics: Company Profile
Instrument Business Outlook (Strategic Directions International, Inc.)
April, 2007

Headwall Photonics: Scaling New Heights in Spectral Equipment
Optics & Photonics News
January, 2007

Hyperspectral Imaging - Video Interview with David Bannon
Technology developments have enabled the deployment of hyperspectral sensors to new application areas - Micro-Hyperspec™
SPIE Newsroom
January, 2007

Hyperspectral Biomedical Imaging - Skin Cancer Detection
Electro Optics
December, 2006

Raman Explorer Monitors Multiple Reaction Sites with Double Dispersion
Photonics Tech Briefs
March, 2006

Nanophotonics - Opportunities for Spectral Analysis and Chemical Imaging
Nanotech Briefs
August, 2005

Imaging In Harsh Environments
Harsh Environments Dictate Design of Spectrometers
Laser Focus World
August, 2005

Spectral Presence
Worcester Telegram & Gazette
June, 2005

Seeing The Light
Boston Business Journal
April, 2005

High Efficiency Diffraction Grating Technologies / LPDL 900 and LPDL 1100
In Telecommunications Applications
SPIE Photonics West 2005
January, 2005

Mars Rovers — Spirit and Opportunity
NASA and Instrument Makers (Headwall Interview)

Today�s Chemist
October, 2004

Meeting the Optical Demands of Next Generation Hyperspectral Imaging Spectrometers
Photonics Tech Briefs (NASA Tech Briefs)
October, 2004

Headwall Achieves Highest Score in Red Herring's ICC Report on Nanotechnology
Company Ranked According To "Innovation, Capitalization, Commercialization" Red Herring
Newsletter (Excerpt)
September 15, 2004

With Careful Optical Design,Hyperspectral Imaging Can Expand to Commercial Applications
OE Magazine
March 2004

CEO Interview - Larry Barstow
The Wall Street Transcript
October 6, 2003

Management Buyouts Blossom
Light Reading
September 30, 2003

Gratings Group Splits from Agilent
Light Reading
July 30, 2003