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Management Team

The Headwall Photonics Management Team

David Bannon
Chief Executive Officer

David Bannon is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Headwall Photonics, responsible for shaping the Company’s vision and corporate direction. Through his entrepreneurial leadership, David has positioned Headwall as a worldwide provider of instrument-based spectral sensing solutions that touch many aspects of daily life. From precision agriculture and industrial food inspection to critical areas such as homeland security and military reconnaissance, David has helped bring the science of spectral imaging to new application areas and geographical regions while ushering in entirely new and affordable product categories.

As a successful entrepreneur with 20 years of “start-up” experience, David has used his management expertise to establish Headwall as a world-class manufacturer of high-performance spectral instruments and sensor technology. David has authored numerous technology and application articles and has established key patents in the area of spectral imaging. He has also chaired industry association forums and often speaks to diverse audience groups on the topic of spectral sensing and imaging technology.

Active in the non-profit sector, David also sits on the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Metrowest, a philanthropic organization based in Massachusetts.

Larry Barstow
President, Chief Operating Officer

Larry Barstow has served as president and Chief Operating Officer of Headwall Photonics since the Company's founding. As co-founder, Larry's vision and leadership have proven critical to the successful emergence of Headwall as the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance diffractive-optics technology. His role consists of operational oversight of the Company and helping to build the industry's strongest team.

Prior to the management buy-out from Agilent Technologies, Larry was General Manager of the Agilent Holographic Grating Operation. In this capacity, he had operational responsibility for engineering, manufacturing operations, and customer interface. Larry has over 20 years experience (16 years with Hewlett Packard / Agilent Technologies) as an executive in high volume design and manufacturing operations for products in the life sciences/medical and telecommunications industries.

Larry received a master's degree in engineering from MIT and a bachelor's degree in engineering from Cornell University

Peter Clemens
Director of Engineering

Peter Clemens is Headwall's Director of Engineering and Development. He brings thirty years of engineering and applications expertise in the design and development of spectral imaging systems. Pete’s experience has been working in engineering and operations where he has taken over 50 different imaging products through design development into full-scale production.

Before joining Headwall, Pete was the Technical Director of Operations for BAE Systems. While at BAE Pete held many roles within system engineering, engineering management and operations. Over that time period, the company transitioned several times, from Honeywell's electro-optics division to Loral infrared imaging systems to Lockheed-Martin imaging systems and finally to BAE Systems. 

With experience working for four of the top scientific engineering companies in the world, Pete brings a broad base of technical expertise and engineering management to Headwall’s product development and engineering initiatives.

Pete attended Northeastern Technical Institute as well as Northeastern University where he studied electrical engineering.


Headwall (def) - noun .

1. Mountaineering - a steep slope or precipice rising at the head of a valley or glacial cirque

2. Engineering - tackling and solving the toughest optical engineering problems in a collaborative manner to provide application-specific wavelength solutions for customers

ISO9001:2008Headwall's quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified, an internationally recognized standard.

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