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Based on its diffractive optics technology, Headwall is able to produce small-form-factor, highly precise spectral modules, spectrometers, and spectrographs for OEMs in industries such as biotechnology and color measurement. These OEM subassemblies and components are plug-and-play ready, available in high volumes to meet specific needs. Since each diffraction grating is a master-quality component, every module will be identical to the next. 

Headwall is proud to be certified and qualified to the stringent requirements of ISO 9001:2015. This important designation covers the design, sales, and production of Headwall's diffraction gratings, precision spectrographs, and integrated spectral imaging solutions. Headwall has been designated a provider of supply chain services.

Headwall manufactures sensors covering ranges such as the visible-near-infrared (VNIR) from 400-1000nm as well as the shortwave-infrared (SWIR) from 900-2500nm.