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High Efficiency Hyperspec— Sensor Flies High For Military & Defense Missions
NIR, SWIR, and Extended VNIR Ranges Targeted For Signal Detection
December, 2009

NEC Space Systems Division Awards Contract to Headwall for Hyperspectral Payload on Japanese Satellite Project
Hyperspec™ Sensors Cover Broad Spectral Wavelength Range of 400 to 2500 nanometers
September, 2009

Congressman Olver Announces House Approves $2.5 Million In Defense Spending For Headwall Technology
FY10 funding appropriation supports local economy while keeping soldiers safe with hyperspectral imaging sensors
August, 2009

Headwall Honored With "Global Award" For Business Growth & Innovation In Global Marketplace Massachusetts Alliance For International Business recognizes Headwall for international trade leadership
May, 2009

Headwall Achieves Quality Recognition With Newest ISO 9001:2008 Certification
Headwall one of the first companies to receive certification for updated ISO standard
March, 2009

New Hyperspec™ Extended VNIR Sensor Ideal For Process Manufacturing With Extended Spectral Range
Hyperspec™ Extended VNIR covers broad spectral range of 600nm to 1600nm
February, 2009

Headwall's Hyperspec™ Named as Finalist for 2009 Prism Award
High Performance Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor Garners Industry Praise for Sensor Innovation January, 2009

2008 Press Releases

Hyperspec™ SWIR Sensor Reveals Secrets of 3,000 Year Old Potter Artifact
Headwall spectral imaging assists archaeologists in deciphering earliest known Hebrew text from 10th century BC ostracon
December, 2008

USDA Agricultural Research Service Harvests Headwall's Spectral Imaging Instruments For Food Inspection & Food Safety
Headwall's In-Line Processing Instrumentation Critical for High-Speed Applications
October, 2008

BitInsight Expedites Headwall Photonics' Strategic Planning Process
BitInsight's Composite Perspective™ targets collaborative consulting for small & medium businesses
September, 2008

Headwall Expands Engineering Management Team To Pace of Business Growth
Industry veteran Richard Driver joins company to lead engineering and new product development efforts
September, 2008

New Hyperspectral Sensors Target UV and Color Appearance Applications
Hyperspec™ models optimize performance in the UV-Visible (330-825 nm) and Visible (380-780 nm) January, 2008