Headwall Expands Executive Leadership Team

With High-Growth Markets, Donald Battistoni Hired to Lead Worldwide Sales & Marketing

Bolton, MA – May 8, 2019 – Headwall Photonics, Inc., the industry leader in turnkey hyperspectral and multispectral imaging solutions and spectral instrumentation, announced today that Donald Battistoni has joined the Headwall team as Vice President, Sales & Marketing. Don will be responsible for leading and developing Headwall’s entire commercial organization. As a member of the executive team, Don will report to Headwall CEO David Bannon and drive customer engagement strategy.

Donald_Battistoni_01“I am excited to join Headwall’s talented and entrepreneurial team to help build on their foundation of innovation and realize the potential our unique technology offers in our core markets,” said Battistoni.

“Headwall’s hyperspectral imaging products already play a key role in these markets by providing meaningful and actionable data across a wide application space.”

Don arrives at Headwall with more than 25 years of successful leadership in recruiting, developing, and managing worldwide sales teams. He most recently served as Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Marketing & Service at Zygo® Corporation. Don helped guide Zygo through its acquisition by AMETEK®, Inc. in 2014 and with his leadership, Zygo set company records in 2018 for revenues and profitability.

David Bannon, CEO of Headwall commented, “Don has a strong history of building and managing highly successful sales and marketing teams throughout his career. He brings significant experience with end-users, OEM customers, and channel partners around the world, and that experience will jump-start the our ability to capture sales opportunies, while facilitating scale-up of our business operations.”

Don received a degree in optical engineering and a certificate of management studies from the University of Rochester and will be based at Headwall’s headquarters in Bolton, Massachusetts.

About Headwall
Headwall Photonics is a leading designer and manufacturer of spectral instrumentation for remote sensing, advanced machine vision, medical/biotech, and government/defense markets. With a worldwide base of end-user and OEM customers, Headwall enjoys a market leadership position through the design and manufacture of spectral solutions that are customized for application-specific performance. The Company is based in Massachusetts where it has two locations (Bolton and Fitchburg). European operations (Headwall BVBA) are located near Brussels, Belgium.

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For more information, please contact:
Ross Nakatsuji
Headwall Marketing Communications
580 Main Street
Bolton, Massachusetts 01740
Tel: +1-978-353-4051


Headwall Opens New Facility in Bolton, Massachusetts

Headwall Photonics has expanded to a new, larger facility in the Boston metropolitan area. The location at 580 Main Street in Bolton allows the Company to expand its engineering, sales, and marketing capabilities in response to increasing demand for its spectral imaging solutions. Headwall's core markets include remote sensing, advanced machine vision, and medical/biotech.Bolton is located about 35 miles west of Boston, which is a global center of technology, academia, and medical research.

Bolton_580_Main_Street.jpgThe Bolton location will complement Headwall's existing facility in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, where Headwall produces its holographic diffraction gratings. These highly engineered optical elements are used to manage reflected light; Headwall sells these gratings and integrated sub assemblies to OEMs around the world. Because of this core technology focus, Headwall's spectral imaging sensors are exceptionally precise and feature aberration-corrected performance, a wide field of view, high SNR, and low stray light. These are

important characteristics in remote sensing, advanced machine vision, and medical applications where resolution and imaging precision are crucial."Headwall has established a leadership position in its core markets," said CEO David Bannon.  "Enhancing our infrastructure capabilities with this new facility plan allows for operational expansion and the growth of our technology.”  The location near Boston also gives Headwall greater breadth and depth across all facets of its business. “With Headwall’s focus on delivering spectral imaging solutions, we are looking to expand the Company’s engineering and sales to build a dynamic team of professionals," concluded Bannon.

In addition to Bolton and Fitchburg in Massachusetts, Headwall BVBA operates in Brussels, Belgium.

Headwall and Leica Geosystems Enter Partnership Agreement

Leica Geosystems airborne imaging capabilities enhanced with Headwall’s Hyperspec® sensors

Fitchburg, Massachusetts October 29, 2014 - Leica Geosystems and Headwall Photonics announced the establishment of a partnership agreement whereby Leica Geosystems will resell and integrate Headwall’s line of hyperspectral imaging sensors into their airborne product portfolio. This will include Headwall's new Nano-Hyperspec sensor for small, lightweight UAS deployment. Leica Geosystems, a leader in geospatial data acquisition and mapping products, has selected Headwall’s hyperspectral imaging sensors to meet the growing demand for advanced hyperspectral sensors that acquire imagery data which includes both spatial and spectral (chemical) information within the mapping area of interest.

Headwall and Leica GeosystemsHyperspectral imagery allows users to obtain critical information relative to the material composition of objects in the field of view of the sensor. Headwall’s Hyperspec® sensors generate a very high resolution hyperspectral datacube that allows users to map features based on the chemical composition of objects in the scene - for example, forests can be mapped by plant species, quarries can be mapped by mineral composition, farmland can be mapped by plant vitality.

The relationship between Leica Geosystems and Headwall is based on a common vision of incorporating end-user requirements for hyperspectral data into Leica’s current portfolio of mapping solutions and data products. Headwall has established a technology leadership position with the Hyperspec family of imaging sensors that are customized for particular spectral ranges including VNIR, NIR, and SWIR. Each spectral range is optimized for a unique set of end-user applications within the remote sensing market.

Enabling a new class of capabilities and performance

“Headwall is very pleased to be working with Leica Geosystems, a leader in airborne imagery and mapping solutions; the company has established a broad portfolio of integrated solutions that is highly valued by users in the remote sensing market,” stated David Bannon, CEO of Headwall. Leica Geosystems’ vision is to offer customers a highly integrated geospatial workflow solution that encompasses spatial mapping instruments, integrated software and data products, as well as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions. According to Leica Geosystems Ruedi Wagner, Vice President of the Geospatial Solutions Division, “Headwall offers a complete line of hyperspectral sensor solutions that is well aligned with our customer’s application environments and the need for high-quality spectral imaging data. With extremely innovative products such as the Nano-Hyperspec, the Hyperspec sensors offer superior performance for harsh airborne environments.”

Leica Geosystems – when it has to be right

With close to 200 years of experience pioneering solutions to measure the world, Leica Geosystems provides products and services that are trusted by professionals worldwide to help them capture, analyse, and present spatial information. Leica Geosystems is best known for its broad array of products that capture accurately, model quickly, analyse easily, and visualise and present spatial information.

Those who use Leica Geosystems products every day trust them for their dependability, the value they deliver, and the superior customer support. Based in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, Leica Geosystems is a global company with tens of thousands of customers supported by more than 3,800 employees in 33 countries and hundreds of partners located in more than 120 countries around the world. Leica Geosystems is part of Hexagon, Sweden.

Headwall Photonics – Innovative Spectral Solutions for Remote Sensing

Headwall Photonics is the leading designer and manufacturer of imaging sensors and spectral instrumentation for industrial, commercial, and government markets. Headwall’s high performance sensors and imaging spectrometers have been selected by OEM and end-user customers around the world for use in critical application environments.  As a pioneer in the development of hyperspectral sensors, Headwall enjoys a market leadership position through the design and manufacture of patented spectral instrumentation that is customized for application-specific performance. With US headquarters in Massachusetts, Headwall also operates a production and integration facility in Diegem, Belgium.

For further information about Headwall please contact:

Christopher Van Veen, Marketing Manager
Headwall Photonics, Inc.
601 River Street
Fitchburg, Massachusetts USA
T: +1 978 353 4051

For further information about Leica Geosystems please contact:

Kelli Montgomery, Vice President Marketing Communications
Hexagon Geosystems
9435 Heerbrugg, Switzerland
T: +41 71 727 3451

High Resolution Sensor Targets Vegetation Fluorescence for Airborne, Satellite Platforms

Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging (CF) Helps Agriculturalists Build Robust Plant Physiological Database

HI-RES spectrometer

Fitchburg, MA – July 14, 2014 – Headwall is announcing the availability of a new hyperspectral imager targeting very high resolution spectral measurements of 0.1 nm over specific spectral ranges which yield indicators of vegetative fluorescence to measure plant health. The ability of the new High Resolution Hyperspec® instrument to analyze chlorophyll fluorescence emissions at extremely high resolution and high throughput gives remote sensing researchers and precision agriculturalists exceptionally valuable data from which to make environmental decisions. The new instrument is smaller, lighter, and more affordable than any other commercially available products and is optimized with robust packaging for airborne and satellite deployment.

“Our customers have been asking us for a high resolution hyperspectral imager targeting the small spectral bandpath ranges for use in extracting useful data with respect to chlorophyll fluorescence,” said Headwall’s CEO David Bannon. “Because remote sensing and the global crop industry is a multi-billion-dollar one, plant heath and physiology determined through hyperspectral imaging is a key investment for this market.” Water deficit is a major leading indicator of crops under distress, and there is a scientific link between this and chlorophyll fluorescence emissions.

The new sensor is based on Headwall’s all-reflective concentric optical design that uses very precise, very high diffraction-efficiency gratings for simultaneous high spatial and spectral resolution of < 0.1nm across the spectral range of the instrument. High efficiency, low stray light, and minimized smile and keystone distortion are fundamental to this design approach. Headwall’s all-reflective approach also means no transmissive optics, which makes the overall package not only more robust for space applications but lighter as well.

The Hyperspec name is a registered trademark of Headwall Photonics, Inc.

Headwall Names Tom Breen as Director of Global Sales

Growth Markets Require Solid Industry Background Across Commercial and Defense Markets

Fitchburg, MA – June 6, 2014 – With a rapid expansion of international business, Headwall Photonics announced today that Tom Breen has joined the Company as Director of Global Sales. Tom brings with him significant experience across many of the end-user markets served by Headwall. He will be responsible for managing Headwall’s growing worldwide sales activities and strategic opportunities for hyperspectral and Raman imagers as well as the Company’s OEM integrated spectral instrumentation.

Tom BreenPrior to joining Headwall, Tom held executive leadership positions at UTC Aerospace Systems where he was responsible for sales and business development of airborne and hand-held products. He also served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for General Dynamic’s Axsys Technology Division in Nashua, New Hampshire. Other senior management positions at L-3 Communications, BAE Systems, and Lockheed Martin provided Tom with the background that will allow Headwall to grow its business in the hyperspectral imaging market.

“We are thrilled that Tom has joined our team,” said Headwall CEO David Bannon. “His background complements our commercial growth plans seamlessly and he will be a terrific asset in tackling a market that is experiencing very robust growth. Tom has had significant success in building high performance sales teams coupled with exceptional customer relationships.”

“I am very excited to be joining Headwall at a period of tremendous momentum for the Company and the industry,” said Tom. “As a leading supplier of spectral instrumentation, Headwall is uniquely poised to expand and deliver hyperspectral sensors and OEM instruments for remote sensing and in-line applications.”

Headwall’s award-winning Hyperspec and Raman imagers are used in commercial and military airborne applications, in advanced machine-vision systems, for document and artifact care, for plant genomics, in medicine and biotechnology, and for remote sensing. A unique differentiator for the Company is Headwall’s patented all-reflective, aberration-corrected optical technology that is fundamental to every system it produces.

Tom is a published author, with numerous works produced for IEEE, SPIE, and AAAE. Tom’s educational background includes MBA and BSEE degrees from Northeastern University in Boston.

Headwall Expands Food Processing Capabilities With Exclusive License For USDA Poultry Inspection Patents

New USDA Initiatives To Safely Expand Poultry Processing Rates Require New Sensor Technology for Food Safety Inspection

Fitchburg, MA - May 1, 2014 - Headwall Photonics, a leading supplier of high performance spectral imaging solutions, has completed the exclusive licensing agreement with the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) for patents related to the in-line inspection of poultry. The patent licensing agreement builds on Headwall’s USDA Commercial Research & Development Agreement (CRADA) that collaboratively focused research activities on the development and introduction of in-line inspection sensors utilizing spectral imaging technology for food inspection.


poultry inspectionWhen coupled with Headwall’s patented aberration-corrected hyperspectral sensors, the USDA patents enable disease detection at high-speed line rates to comply with food safety regulations. The combination of Headwall’s sensors and USDA patented, disease detection algorithms not only support but enable the USDA’S proposed rule to increase poultry production line rates for more rapid inspection systems at poultry slaughter plants. The proposed USDA rule will increase line speeds from 35 birds per minute to 175 birds per minute utilizing a single USDA Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) inspector on the slaughter line.


“Food safety and food quality is a very strategic market sector for the commercial deployment of Headwall’s hyperspectral imaging technology," said Headwall CEO David Bannon. "Through close collaboration with USDA researchers, we have developed customized imaging sensors to meet the high-speed, high-performance demands of harsh, critical food processing environments. Bannon also noted that poultry processors in the U.S. alone produce more than nine billion broiler chickens per year. "This is a very large market with unique technology needs."


In commenting on the patent licensing agreement, Dr. Moon Kim, a leading researcher with the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) indicated that “These licensed patents represent many years of food safety and food quality research and have been tested with over 100,000 poultry carcasses. And, we have many years of successful experience working closely with Headwall sensor technology and their engineering team. We will continue to collaborate with Headwall in commercializing this next generation of food inspection technology.”

Providing industry-leading spectral and spatial resolution, Headwall’s patented Hyperspec® platform offers imaging sensors optimized for the following spectral regions:

  • Visible                                          380 to 780 nanometers

  • Visible – Near Infrared                   400 to 1000 nanometers

  • Extended VNIR                                600 to 1700 nanometers

  • Near Infrared                                   900 to 1700 nanometers

  • Short Wave Infrared                       1000 to 2500 nanometers

About Headwall Photonics

Headwall Photonics is the leading designer and manufacturer of imaging sensors and spectral instrumentation for industrial, commercial, and government markets. Headwall’s high performance spectrometers, spectral engines, and high performance diffractive optics have been selected by OEM and end-user customers around the world for use in critical application environments.  As a pioneer in the development of hyperspectral sensors and imaging spectrometers, Headwall enjoys a market leadership position through the design and manufacture of patented spectral instrumentation that is customized for application-specific performance.

For information contact:

Mr. Chris Van Veen

Headwall Photonics, Inc.     



About USDA Agricultural Research Service

The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is the U.S. Department of Agriculture's chief scientific in-house research agency. Our job is finding solutions to agricultural problems that affect Americans every day, from field to table.

ARS conducts research to develop and transfer solutions to agricultural problems of high national priority and provide information access and dissemination to:

  • Ensure high-quality, safe food, and other agricultural products
  • Assess the nutritional needs of Americans
  • Sustain a competitive agricultural economy
  • Enhance the natural resource base and the environment, and
  • Provide economic opportunities for rural citizens, communities, and society as a whole.

Headwall Extends Global Reach in Singapore/Malaysia and Israel

Fitchburg, MA, April 2, 2014 - Headwall has responded to rapidly growing demand for its advanced hyperspectral sensors by adding reseller partners in both Singapore/Malaysia and Israel. The moves come as Headwall is poised to unveil new hyperspectral sensors that address key market opportunities.


cadence militramBoth markets represent rapidly growing ones for Headwall, explained CEO David Bannon. “The hyperspectral sensor market is growing and evolving with a clear need for high performance, application-specific instruments at affordable price points.” The Company will be introducing several new products during 2014 and the newly added partners fit strategic geographic needs. “From ground to space, the markets and application areas for hyperspectral imaging are growing very rapidly; these additions are in response to that.”


For the Singapore/Malaysia region, Headwall has named Singapore-based Cadence Technologies ( as partner. Staffed with strong engineering personnel, Cadence will be able to rapidly respond to sales opportunities in markets as varied as advanced machine vision and airborne remote sensing. “We are tremendously pleased to announce our partnership with Headwall in the Singapore and Malaysia region,” stated Mr. Chen Chong. “The interest in and demand for hyperspectral imaging solutions has never been stronger, and we’ll now be able to offer our customers the industry’s best-performing end-to-end solutions.”


For Israel, Headwall is aligning with Militram Futuristic Technologies located in Herzliya ( With particular strength in Sigint, EW, optics, and lasers, Militram is extremely pleased to add hyperspectral imaging to its range of solutions. “We are asked about hyperspectral imaging continually,” noted Militram Vice President of Business Development Mr. Elad Volfin. “Our partnership with Headwall now allows us to offer a range of high-performance spectral imaging solutions that is broader than anything currently available in Israel.”


The agreements with both Cadence and Militram are effective immediately.

Hyperspec® SNAPSHOT Sensor Commercializes Handheld Hyperspectral

Headwall’s small, compact hyperspectral sensor is ideal for field use where portable sensors facilitate spectral imaging research

Fitchburg, Massachusetts USA, March 20, 2014Headwall Photonics announced the introduction of the Hyperspec® SNAPSHOT imaging sensor which has been designed for commercial use by environmental researchers, civil engineers, and remote sensing organizations.  The Hyperspec® Snapshot sensor covers the VNIR spectral range (380-1000nm) and uses diffractive optics technology comprising aberration-corrected features for high spectral and spatial resolution and outstanding signal-to-noise (SNR) characteristics.  This commercial product is based on Headwall’s Hyperspec® RECON sensor which is sold to U.S. military and defense customers.

Snapshot ImagerThe Hyperspec® Snapshot sensor is the industry’s first portable hyperspectral imager generating very high resolution spectral and spatial datacubes of objects within the sensor’s wide field of view (FOV). This high performance, integrated sensor is a small form factor, fully integrated instrument designed for easy, straightforward use in the field. By engineering the optical complexities out of the instrument, the sensor provides point & click functionality where scene data is shown on the sensor’s LCD screen and recorded on a standard SD-card.

Headwall CEO David Bannon commented on the innovation provided by the Hyperspec® Snapshot imager: "Headwall designed this commercial sensor based on the work that went into the Hyperspec RECON military sensor, which was built for reconnaissance applications." Hyperspec Snapshot and RECON are fundamentally similar, allowing for the detection of specific spectral targets at long distances within a durable, portable, and easy to use instrument.  "The true innovation is the small size of the sensor coupled with its ease of use," noted Bannon. "We engineered the complexity out so the sensor becomes a very useful instrument for a wide range of applications and users that extend beyond military reconnaissance missions."

Hyperspec® SNAPSHOT can be ordered directly from Headwall or any worldwide distributor partners.

About Headwall

With a core capability to manufacture diffractive optics, Headwall Photonics, is unique in its ability to design and build high performance spectral instruments that are application-specific.  Based in Fitchburg, Massachusetts (USA), Headwall is the leading manufacturer of hyperspectral instruments for industrial, commercial, remote sensing, precision agriculture, and government markets. Other application areas include medical and biotechnology, forensics, chemicals, and color measurement, and in-line process inspection. Headwall enjoys a market leadership position through the design and manufacture of spectral instrumentation that is customized for application-specific performance, for end users and OEMs.

For information contact:

Mr. Chris Van Veen, Headwall Photonics, Inc.     

Tel: +1 978-353-4051                



Headwall Names New Distributor for France, Switzerland

Bonsai Advanced Technologies Adds Hyperspectral Sensors to its Existing Instrument Offerings

Fitchburg, MA, August 15, 2013 — Responding to significant business growth across Europe, Headwall Photonics is pleased to announce that it has named Bonsai Advanced Technologies to be its distributor of record for both France and Switzerland. The agreement was effective July 1, 2013. Principal contact at Bonsai is Mr. Eric Bécourt, with regional headquarters in southern France.

eric becourtIn announcing the appointment, Headwall European Sales Manager Kevin Lynch noted Bonsai’s high degree of experience in spectral imaging and, in particular, remote sensing and industrial inspection. “We are very impressed with the level of technical understanding at Bonsai with respect to our market-leading hyperspectral sensors. They will be able to effectively demonstrate and differentiate our technology to their broad base of accounts all across France and Switzerland.”

Headwall’s award-winning family of Hyperspec® sensors are used in applications ranging from ground-based and handheld all the way up to aircraft and earth-orbiting satellites. Hyperspectral imaging represents a required tool for the scientific research community, which can quickly and non-destructively image anything within the field of view to determine its chemical and spectral fingerprint. Headwall’s sensors take advantage of diffractive optics, which use aberration-corrected gratings to deliver high performance with respect to high spatial and spectral resolution, high signal-to-noise, and a wide field of view. Remote sensing using small and light sensors mounted to hand-launched UAVs is a fast-growing application area that Headwall has pioneered. Other application areas include advanced machine vision, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and mining & mineral exploration.

Mr. Bécourt has 23 years of experience in the analytical business, especially in the spectroscopic and NIR markets. He remarked on Headwall’s innovation and technical leadership: “Our customers in France and Switzerland embrace innovation and technology just as Headwall does,” he said. “They understand that hyperspectral imaging represents a valuable tool for their scientific research efforts and will be very pleased to know that we can bring those solutions to them.”

About Bonsai Advanced Technologies

Bonsai Advanced Technologies focuses on critical application environments such as remote sensing, machine vision, and laboratory research. The Company has extensive deployment expertise and specializes in analytical instrumentation, biosciences, and high- and ultra-high vacuum technologies. For Headwall, Bonsai will specialize in the sale, distribution and service of spectroscopy solutions throughout France and Switzerland.  

For information contact:

Mr. Eric Bécourt

Bonsai Advanced Technologies

Tel: +33 (0)6 08 16 02 81



Headwall’s High-Performance Gratings Optimized for Small-Form-Factor Spectral Instruments


OEM-Specific Designs Feature Aberration Correction, High SNR, Low Stray Light Performance


Fitchburg, Massachusetts, July 17, 2013 Headwall Photonics, Inc. is responding to increased demand from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for high-performance small-form-factor diffraction gratings used in their precision optical instruments.  


gratings montageApplication areas include color management, plant phenotyping, pathogen detection, semiconductor fabrication, process monitoring, and remote sensing. Although end users need instruments having exceptionally high signal-to-noise (SNR), high spatial and spectral resolution, and low stray light, they also want simplified optical designs that lower size, weight, and cost. Aberration-corrected holographic diffraction gratings deliver these performance characteristics and are also temperature insensitive for suitability in applications that range from ground to space. 


Original gratings, unlike those produced using replication techniques, are guaranteed to meet groove profile and density specifications from prototype to production. Headwall's gratings are aberration-corrected, meaning that unwanted optical effects such as keystone and smile are eliminated. Headwall's cost-effective, high-volume manufacturing process for all-original gratings means that OEMs can move from prototype to production rapidly.   


"We are seeing a fundamental shift toward small form-factor spectral instruments across all the markets we serve," stated Headwall CEO David Bannon. "Our OEM customers can differentiate their instruments thanks to the unmatched optical precision and efficiency of our aberration-corrected holographic gratings." These instruments can be found not only in laboratory settings, but in airborne platforms and satellites as well. "Temperature insensitivity is a crucial differentiator for our diffractive optics technology," noted Bannon. "Customers want to make sure that the high optical performance that they demand is locked in no matter where or how their instrument is used." Headwall's gratings can routinely survive temperatures exceeding 80 degrees C (to 150 degrees C upon request).


Headwall's gratings are used in UV, VIS, NIR, IR, absorption spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, hyperspectral and Raman spectroscopy, CARS spectroscopy, and more. Designs can be fiber-matched and self-referencing if needed and are simplified by Headwall to reduce size, complexity, and cost.

About Headwall Photonics

Headwall Photonics is a leading designer and manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging  spectrometers and spectral instrumentation for industrial, commercial, and government markets. Headwall’s high performance instruments have been selected by military/defense departments, OEMs, and end-user customers around the world for use in critical application environments. Headwall enjoys a market leadership position through the design and manufacture of spectral instrumentation that is customized for application-specific performance.

For information contact:

Mr. Chris Van Veen

Headwall Photonics, Inc.     

Tel: +1 978-353-4051