Product and Technology Overview


Four product categories

Headwall is the only sensor manufacturer that makes its own diffraction gratings 



Headwall produces application-specific holographic diffraction gratings, spectral modules, and spectral instruments that manage the acquisition of reflected light. Spectral ranges run from the UV-VIS to the Midwave Infrared (MWIR).


Using these application-specific diffraction gratings, Headwall's spectral imaging sensors use an elegant yet simple design approach called pushbroom, or line-scanning. The acquisition of spectral data (in the form of a hyperspectral data cube)  is done on a frame-by-frame basis, with a full spectrum of data for every spatial pixel in the field of view.

Benefits of this approach:

  • Instruments are small, lightweight, and rugged
    • (ideal for UAV/UAS deployment)
  • Gratings are aberration-corrected
    • (for image accuracy across a wide field of view)
  • Low stray light
    • (provides better photometric accuracy and quantitative analysis)
  • High spectral and spatial resolution
    • (High spectral resolution provides better identification and quantification of materials.  High spatial resolution provides accurate positioning information of the materials within a scene)
  • High signal-to-noise (SNR)
    • (High SNR allows for more sensitive measurements and better detection and quantitative results)