Raman Spectrometers

The Raman Discovery™ Family

Handheld, Multi-Channel Imaging Spectrometer Raman Discovery™

Raman Discovery The Raman Discovery™ family of compact, lightweight Raman spectrometers offers OEMs and system integrators a flexible spectral imaging platform that features exceptional signal throughput, optical efficiency, and spectral/spatial resolution. Utilizing Headwall's proprietary design, the Raman Discovery™ products are designed for demanding applications in harsh imaging environments. A key attribute of the Raman Discovery™ products is extremely low image distortion over the full CCD array which yields exceptionally high signal to noise efficiency and high signal throughput. The Raman Discovery™ is available for either 785nm or 532nm laser excitation.

Integrated Raman Family of Imaging Spectrometers

Integrated Raman Explorer™ Instruments

Raman Explorer The Raman Explorer family of integrated spectrometers, designed and optimized for Raman imaging applications, has been expanded to include fully integrated spectrometer instruments as well as new configurations to take advantage of a range of different laser excitation wavelengths. These instruments take advantage of Headwall's patented, retro-reflective design in order to drive performance and high optical efficiency for the most demanding applications.

  • Raman Explorer 248™ for 248nm laser excitation
  • Raman Explorer 355™ for 355nm later excitation
  • Raman Explorer 785™ for 785 nm laser excitation
  • Raman Explorer 532™ for 532 nm laser excitation
  • Raman Explorer 532/685™ for dual laser excitation
  • Raman Explorer 830™ for 830nm laser excitation
  • Raman Explorer 1064™ for 1064nm laser excitation

Multi-Channel, Multi-Spectrum Imaging Spectrometer

Raman Explorer™

Multi-channel Raman Explorer The first member of a family of multi-channel, multi-spectrum spectrometers based on Headwall's patented, retro-reflective concentric configuration - an innovative, high reciprocal dispersion design. The configurable multi-input design provides the ability to place multiple spectrums onto a single detector plane. The optical design yields high optical efficiency and imaging results with superior resolution, photometric accuracy, and improved quantitative analysis across extended spectral ranges.

  • A high performance spectral engine for OEM applications
  • Small instrument size enables laboratory and field analysis
  • High efficiency optics optimized for Raman performance

chemical hyperspectral imaging

Raman Imaging

Real-time measurement capabilities for mission-critical manufacturing environments such as refining, bio-diesel, and chemical manufacturing require high availability and reliable performance.

From deep space exploration to dark ocean depths, the Raman Explorer™ and Raman Discovery™ offers imaging performance in harsh environments...

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