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Headwall's International Reach...

Headwall Photonics is supported by a strong network of international resellers and agents who excel in the technology of spectral imaging. To contact them, please click on the links below. We will respond very quickly!


Scitech Pty Ltd. Covering Australia (offices in Melbourne and Sydney)
NBL Imaging System Ltd. Covering China (offices in Guangzhou City, Beijing,  and Wuhan)
Golden Way Scientific Covering China (offices in Beijing)
Keybond Technology Inc. Covering China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia (offices in Taipei)
Electrotek International Inc. Covering India (offices in Chennai)
ARGO Corporation Covering Japan (offices in Osaka)
Maestor Korea Covering Korea (offices in Seoul)


Polytec GmbH Covering Germany, Austria, Switzerland (offices in Waldbronn and Berlin)
MRA Instrumentacao Covering Portugal and Gibraltar (offices in Lisboa)
ALAVA Ingenieros Covering Spain (offices in Madrid, Barcelona, and Zaragoza)
Photonics & Analytics Ltd. Covering the United Kingdom (offices in Southampton)

international resellers