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aberration-corrected imaging

Headwall's hyperspectral sensors are based on an all-reflective concentric technology using aberration-corrected gratings. Very high SNR, outstanding photometric accuracy, and exceptionally low stray light are key benefits of this technical approach. Robustness is achieved thanks to a design that uses no moving parts and diffraction gratings that are temperature insensitive.

Headwall is the only hyperspectral instrument manufacturer that also produces its own application-specific, all-original diffraction gratings. This state-of-the-art design eliminates chromatic aberration for excellent focus and resolution over the entire spectral range.

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Spectral Range

In addition to the spectral ranges below, Headwall manufactures hyperspectral sensors covering the midwave infrared (MWIR) and longwave infrared (LWIR). Contact us with your application details to get started!

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Headwall’s award-winning Hyperspec® imaging instruments are application-specific, rugged, and versatile. Technical innovation led to the prestigious R&D100 Award, which Headwall won for its Hyperspec RECON sensor in 2012.

Hyperspectral imaging depends on one of two things occuring: The sensor moves over (or across) a stationary field-of-view, or the sensor remains stationary as the field-of-view moves beneath it. Aircraft, UAVs and earth-orbiting satellites represent excellent platforms from which to undertake hyperspectral imaging (often defined as remote sensing). Stationary sensors, like Hyperspec INSPECTOR, act as silent sentinels along inspection lines looking for product anomalies and foreign matter as defined by the spectral fingerprints they leave behind.

Hyperspec sensors are designed around Headwall’s patented aberration-corrected diffraction gratings, which deliver exceptionally low stray light plus excellent spatial and spectral resolution. These design characteristics are fundamental to outstanding hyperspectral imaging, and every Headwall instrument is built upon this technical foundation.

Getting started with hyperspectral imaging is easy, with Headwall's Hyperspec Starter Kit! This completely configured system includes a spectrometer, computer software, a moving stage and illumination.