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Helping to making advanced machine vision a reality, HyperspecInspector provides spectral & spatial imaging for the most demanding process inspection and manufacturing applications. Fully integrated for reliable, repeatable performance in production and inspection environments, Hyperspec INSPECTOR is available in several versions covering these spectral ranges:

  • VIS (380nm – 825nm)

  • VNIR (400nm – 1000nm)

  • Extended VNIR (600nm – 1600nm)

  • NIR (900nm – 1700nm)

  • SWIR (1000nm – 2500nm)

Advantages of Hyperspec INSPECTOR include outstanding discrimination based on customizable algorithms. The identification of foreign objects and material along a rapidly moving line is possible thanks to very fast frame rates up to 236 fps. Products being inspected—from specialty crops and poultry to pharmaceuticals—can achieve exceptionally high yields and quality rates thanks to the introduction of hyperspectral imaging. Best of all, Hyperspec INSPECTOR is designed for harsh environments and unattended 24x7 performance.