A completely integrated lightweight VNIR hyperspectral sensor for small UAV applications that includes on-board data-processing/storage and GPS/IMU.

Today’s UAVs are exceptionally small and light and they demand payloads to match.

Headwall’s new Nano-Hyperspec® is a completely integrated hyperspectral sensor designed for the VNIR (400-1000nm) spectral range. A key advantage of Nano-Hyperspec is that it also includes 480GB of on-board data collection/storage, plus attached GPS/IMU functionality. This allows the payload bay of the UAV to be optimized for other needs such as video or thermal imaging. Weight and space is saved, making for a more efficient airborne solution.

Nano-Hyperspec is perfect for today's new breed of hand-launched UAVs and drones, representing a mix of fixed-wing and multi-rotor models to meet practically any deployment scenario.

Key specifications:

Spatial Bands 640
Spectral Bands 270
Frame Rate (maximum, Hz) 350
Dispersion per Pixel (nm/pixel) 2.2
FWHM Slit Image (nm) 6
Lens 17mm standard (4.8mm, 8mm, 12mm, 35mm also available)
Storage 480GB (approximately 130 minutes and 100fps)
Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Size (exclusive of GPS) 76.2mm x 76.2mm x 119.9mm
Weight (without lens) < 0.52kg

Headwall’s hyperspectral sensors all use a concentric imager design that features aberration correction technology. Outstanding spatial and spectral resolution, a wide field of view, and high SNR are benefits that set Headwall apart in the field of airborne hyperspectral imaging. A wide field of view with aberration correction means that swath widths are maximized and flight time is minimized. By integrating everything in one package, Headwall’s airborne solution helps save battery life allowing for more time aloft gathering data.

The integrated data-collection system on Nano-Hyperspec has a Gig-E connection that permits quick and easy off-loading of HSI data between flights while synchronized GPS/INS data collection allows for orthorectification during post-processing. For each hyperspectral sensor, Headwall uses its own all-original diffraction gratings for outstanding optical performance. Benefits include high signal-to-noise and low stray light in a small-form-factor instrument with no moving parts. This means a high degree of robustness and environmental stability...key requirements of any airborne solution.

Dimensional Information

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