Headwall’s Starter Kits provide a simple and rapid means of collecting hyperspectral images that can be used for reflective spectroscopic analysis. The Starter Kits can be deployed to inspect:

  • Seeds/grains/specialty crops/seafood

  • Historical documents, paintings & artifacts

  • Geological samples and minerals

  • Any other reflective material

Each Starter Kit provides gantry, illumination kit (QTH or combined QTH/pulsed Xenon), moving stage with reflectance reference standard, and fully adjustable gantry. Starter Kits work with Headwall's Hyperspec sensors (not included) operating in the UV-VIS, VNIR, NIR or SWIR spectral ranges.

Other optional add-ons include Headwall's high-speed/high-capacity Hyperspec Data Processing Unit (HDPU) and Hyperspec III image acquisition and analysis software.

Choose from two versions of Headwall's Starter Kit:

  • UV-VIS (250nm-500nm) - works with Headwall's UV-VIS sensors

  • VIS/VNIR/NIR/SWIR (380nm - 2500nm) - works with any of Headwall's VIS, VNIR, VIR or SWIR sensors.