250nm - 500nm

Headwall’s Hyperspec UV-VIS integrated hyperspectral imaging sensor provides the foundation for utilizing hyperspectral imaging to achieve superior spectral sensing and chemical imaging results for mission-critical applications ranging from biomedical applications to forensic science to process monitoring where UV-VIS measurement is a critical application parameter. Key attributes of the Hyperspec UV-VIS include:

  • High performance aberration corrected hyperspectral imaging for 250 - 500 nm

  • 1,100 Spatial bands; 408 Spectral bands; Base CameraLink connectivity

  • Fully reflective imager eliminates chromatic distortion over the entire wavelength range

  • Back-Illuminated CMOS sensor optimized for ultra-violet response

  • 100% fill-factor and high Quantum Efficiency (QE) maximizes UV sensitivity & dynamic range

  • Greater than 50 frames per second digital readout