380nm - 1000nm

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Hyperspec VNIR imaging sensors encompass a broad range of models with capabilities and price points to suit any application. Designed for use in the 380nm – 1000nm spectral range, they are available as lens-based imagers or as multi-channel, multi-point fiber instruments. With different options for imaging performance, frame rates, and data management, users can select among three sensor models within the Hyperspec VNIR family: The N, A, and E Series differ with respect to number of spectral and spatial bands, frame rate, and interface type:


  • 1004 Spatial bands

  • 775 Spectral bands

  • Base CameraLink connectivity

  • Maximum Frame Rate: 70 Hz


  • 1004 Spatial bands

  • 837 Spectral bands

  • Base CameraLink connectivity

  • Maximum Frame Rate: 90 Hz


  • 1600 Spatial bands

  • 923 Spectral bands

  • Full CameraLink connectivity

  • Maximum Frame Rate: 160 Hz

These expansive capabilities provide the foundation for utilizing hyperspectral imaging to achieve superior spectral sensing and chemical imaging results for a range of mission-critical applications including process monitoring, product inspection across conveyor lines, and non-invasive medical imaging.