VNIR-SWIR: 400-2500nm with Co-Registered Pixels

Headwall's co-registered VNIR-SWIR imaging sensor provides full hyperspectral coverage from 400nm to 2500nm, with co-registered pixels across the range! 

This version of Headwall's Hyperspec family can be used for airborne and ground-mounted applications where high spatial and spectral resolution are key across a wide field of view.

VNIR-SWIR co-boresight.jpg

  • Wavelength Range: 400-2500nm

  • Spectral Pixels: 384 (VNIR); 166 (SWIR)

  • Spatial Pixels: 1600 (VNIR); 384 (SWIR)

  • Co-registered Spatial Pixels: 370 (VNIR/SWIR)

  • Dispersion per pixel (nm/pixel): 1.6 VNIR; 10.8 SWIR

  • FWHM slit image: 5nm (VNIR); 10nm (SWIR)

  • Size: 363mm x 379mm x 198mm (Includes data system and Foreoptic. Does not include handles, which add 55.30mm to the width. Feet on the bottom add 20.7mm to the height.)

  • Weight: 11.3 kg

  • Power Requirement: 111W

  • Connectivity: Dual GigE and USB 3.0

  • Maximum Frame Rate: 193.4Hz (system throughput a function of FPA frame rate, binning, and data-storage rates).

  • Internal Data System: 8GB 1600MHz RAM; 1TB Solid State SATA

  • Get the data sheet

  • Get the data sheet for the co-aligned version

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