VNIR-SWIR: 400-2500nm with Pixel Co-Registration!


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A common requirement for advanced remote-sensing applications is to utilize a wideband spectral imager to cover the VNIR and SWIR hyperspectral range from 400 to 2500nm. This includes both ground-based and airborne applications. Airborne applications, however, demand small and light sensor packages. This was a primary design focus for Headwall in developing Hyperspec VNIR-SWIR, which packs outstanding imaging performance in an enclosure measuring a scant 10.7" x 8.2" x 6.5" and weighing only 6.25 lb.

Key application areas include environmental research, precision agriculture, geology, infrastructure inspection (pipelines, dams, railroad track), and more. When spectral regions of interest span both the VNIR and SWIR ranges, the only other option is to use two separate sensors that collectively consume more weight and space than Hyperspec VNIR-SWIR.

The sensor package comprises TWO sensors in the same enclosure, with pixel co-registration managed through software. One sensor covers the Visible-Near-Infrared (VNIR) range from 400-1000nm; the other handles the Shortwave-Infrared (SWIR) range from 900-2500nm. Collecting hyperspectral image data from 400-2500nm in a single enclosure means it can be carried by certain UAVs...not simply manned aircraft and satellites. This is a key distinguishing factor, since UAVs are a more tactically efficient remote sensing platform.

Headwall's VNIR-SWIR imaging sensor utilizes Headwall’s patented, aberration-corrected design using diffraction gratings and mirrors in a 'concentric' layout that eliminates all moving parts and thus minimizes size, weight, and overall instrument complexity. Aberration-correction yields very high spectral and spatial resolution with repeatable measurement accuracy across a wide field of view. With diffractive optics specifically designed and manufactured by Headwall, the hyperspectral sensor does not contribute to image aberrations such as stray light and thermal variation.  Along with patented, aberration-corrected imaging, the Hyperspec VNIR-SWIR sensor offers a very wide field of view and high signal-to-noise (SNR) performance.

The VNIR sensor provides 271 spectral bands; the SWIR sensor provides 267 spectral bands. Overall, the instrument covers 640 spatial bands. 

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