Software and Data

Hyperspectral imaging technology is a marriage of hardware and software. From remote sensing to advanced machine vision and biotech imaging, the ability to capture and manage 'data cubes' is what sets Headwall apart.

We offer both standard and compact data-processing units, as well as Headwall's newest UAV-specific HyperCore™ that provides true data fusion among a range of instruments commonly connected in airborne remote sensing applications.

Tying everything together is Headwall's application-specific Hyperspec III software that is tailored to the mission with modules for airborne and advanced machine vision applications.

In addition, Headwall provides a range of integration services to get you up and running quickly. These include assistance with illumination (for lab and in-line applications), and airborne packages complete with UAV and necessary additional instrumentation (GPS/IMU, LiDAR, etc.).

Special ground deployments of hyperspectral imaging sensors include Pan-and-Tilt as well as Point-and-Stare configurations.