Spectrographs and Spectrometers

Spectral Modules

Headwall Photonics is a leading supplier of compact, high-performance spectral modules for OEM photonic applications. Cost-effective and prealigned, these optical subassemblies are easily integrated into systems to save development costs and accelerate your time-to-market. Our products include single- and dual-beam spectrographs. Hyperspectral VS15 is an imaging spectrograph with extremely high spectral and spatial resolution. Headwall Photonics welcomes the opportunity to design solutions to meet your specific requirements. We are proud to have a ISO9001:2008-certified quality system in place that allows us to meet demanding supplier evaluations.

All spectral modules are equipped with high quality, low-stray-light 'original' diffraction gratings manufactured by Headwall in its 20,000 square-foot facility.

Diode-Array Spectrographs

dual-beam spectrograph MD5 Dual Beam Spectrograph

A prealigned optical system that provides high throughput (f/2) and low stray light as it disperses sample and reference spectra onto a single photodiode array. The MD5 includes a self-compensating reference beam and has no moving parts, making it both rugged and compact. Designed for industrial applications, the MD5 features superb optical stability at a very attractive price.

single-beam spectrograph MS10/HR High Performance Single-Beam Spectrograph

A high performance version of our versatile MS10 Spectrograph. Over 10 gratings are available for the MS10/HR, permitting resolutions as high as 0.5nm to be achieved while offering very low stray light performance.

Spectrometers & Spectral Engines

Configurable spectrometers Summit™ Line of Configurable Spectrometers

Headwall's Summit™ line of configurable spectrometers offers both OEM customers and end-users precision solutions for demanding applications. OEM customers with application-specific requirements will find the Summit™ Model 6400 OEM Spectral Engine a compact and highly customizable optical assembly. The Model 6300 family of configurable array spectrometers offers a superior instrument for end-users demanding superb optical performance particularly in the UV range. The Summit™ Models 6300 and 6400 offer application-specific performance utilizing Headwall's custom "all original" holographic gratings. EasySpec™ acquisition and display software includes an easy and intuitive user interface with extensive functionality.

Nanospec Family of Micro-Spectrometers

Micro Spectrometers Headwall introduces the Nanospec family of small, compact stackable spectrometers for OEM and end-user applications. Originally designed for spectral analysis in harsh space environments, these lightweight, stackable spectrometers are designed as spectral engines for field-based applications and handheld instruments. Three models of Nanospec spectrometers are available for the following spectral ranges:

  • Visible 350-1000 nm
  • Near IR 900 - 1700 nm
  • Short Wave IR 1600 - 2500 nm



OEM applications such as color measurement in the visible range (380 - 720 nm) or laboratory applications such as drug discovery & analysis in the NIR range (800 - 1700 nm) share common requirements: spectral resolution, high signal:noise, very low stray light, and wavelength stability over temperature.

To discuss optimized solutions for application-specific needs, talk with one of our engineers: contact us.

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