UAV Integration

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The science of remote sensing is now more advanced than ever thanks to the combination of precision-packed hyperspectral sensors and affordable, lightweight UAVs. Headwall is the world's foremost integrator of hyperspectral imaging sensors and UAVs for applications such as precision agriculture, minerals and mining, environmental analysis, military/defense, and pipeline inspection.

From choosing the right sensor and accessories to assuring that everything is flight-ready, Headwall can save you significant time and financial resources by getting you in the air sooner. We'll talk throughg important issues such as LiDAR integration, GPS/IMU setup, weight and balance, battery optimization, and of course making sure the hyperspectral sensor collects outstanding image data for your application.

Headwall's hyperspectral sensors cover popular spectral ranges such as VNIR (400-1000nm) and SWIR (900-2500nm). Best of all, they are light and robust thanks to the use of Headwall's own concentric optical designs based on precision diffraction gratings.

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