Spectral Imaging. Perfected


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Remote Sensing

Spectral imaging delivers powerful classification capabilities for a wide range of remote sensing applications that include ground-based systems, UAVs, and small satellites.



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advanced machine vision

From food grading and inspection to recycling and cultural heritage, spectral imaging represents a valuable technology for inspection applications across industry and research.



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Medical and biotech applications demand highly resolved, spatially accurate imaging to define tumor margins and screen for neurodegenerative diseases. Hyperspectral imaging meets this life-enriching mission.



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Camouflage detection, IED and disturbed-earth detection, spectral tagging, and coastline mapping are just a few missions where hyperspectral imaging payloads make a tremendous difference.



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Perfected Spectral Imaging Instruments

Headwall Photonics designs and manufactures unique spectral imaging instruments, software, and solutions with unparalleled capabilities to acquire and exploit imaging data across the electromagnetic spectrum. Our hyperspectral imaging technology is used throughout four main markets: remote sensing, machine vision, medical-biotech, and government defense. With over four decades of expertise in managing reflected light technologies, the team at Headwall dedicates themselves to improving our designs and processes for the benefit of communities and organizations around the world. From helping to create ultra-precise food inspection devices to reconnaissance and surveillance technologies for government applications, Headwall Photonics is proud of the positive impact our work has on the global stage.