Hyperspectral Imaging Applications Overview

Headwall provides spectral solutions for a variety of data acquisition applications across four markets. Our technology is widely utilized in research and development applications, as well as for applied industrial and commercial processes worldwide.

  • In the field of Remote Sensing, our devices can identify and classify objects, materials, and natural formations which include crop disease, infrastructure defects, subsurface minerals, and general topography characteristics.
  • Advanced Machine Vision is made possible with our technology which provides industrial automation processes with a reliable means to perform food safety checks, efficiently identify materials for recycling, and accurately classify objects.
  • Our devices are used extensively in the Medical-Biotech field, which offers unparalleled support with disease diagnoses and live cell imaging. Headwall's optical-imaging instruments are sold to both OEMs and end-users.
  • Governmental & Defense/Security organizations utilize our advanced optical capabilities to increase the effectiveness of surveillance and reconnaissance operations to identify chemical and biological threats.

Headwall also provides several high-performance software applications for data exploitation across these four markets.

Data Manipulation and Exploitation

Simply obtaining the raw data is only a portion of what Headwall offers. That’s why we provide powerful analytical software that manages the interactions between the hardware and processes and interprets the data in a meaningful way. Only through effective data exploitation can you come to the correct conclusions based on the spectral imagery information collected by our sensors.

For airborne applications, our various software applications provide capabilities such as GPS data integration, polygon plotting tools, flight planning, orthorectification, and radiance/reflectance calibration and conversion. We also offer a specialized software application designed specifically for the agricultural sector that identifies chlorophyll content, leaf pigments, and other important metrics to improve farming applications.

Our software also provides a diverse range of ground-based laboratory and procedural capabilities, so no matter what you intend to use our technology for, you will find that we have a solution.


Four Headwall Markets-2


Spectral Ranges 

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