Harvesting the Benefits of Spectral Imaging

April 17, 2012

Agriculture head

Next Instruments in Condell Park, NSW Australia has just reached a record-breaking milestone, and Headwall Photonics played a key role! The CropScan Grain Analyzer was introduced by Next Instruments over a decade ago and is proving to be a standard-bearer for Next Instrumentsfarmers and grain buyers across the world. A company that was founded to serve the agricultural market within Australia is now shipping over 60% of its products to more than 15 other countries.

To date, over 1,000 of these precision near-infrared (NIR) grain analyzers have been produced by Next Instruments. Evolving from the initial 2000G model, the CropScan family now comprises five products that provide spectral analysis of protein, moisture, and oil in cereals and oil seeds. The systems let famers and grain buyers 'see' the quality and nutritional value of the grains that ultimately end up in the foods we all consume on a daily basis. 

Helping make CropScan a success is a spectral engine made by Headwallspectrometer Photonics. Although Headwall is a leading producer of complete hyperspectral imaging systems and sensors, its core technology--holographic diffraction gratings and spectrometers--is used by OEMs worldwide in the production of their own products.

Next Instruments uses Headwall's customized MS-10HR spectrometers in each CropScan system. "We assure ourselves guaranteed spectrometer uniformity and precision by partnering with Headwall," said Phil Clancy, CEO at Next Instruments. "One of the things customers can do withcropscan 2000G CropScan is cross-calibrate their systems from one to the next, which is a byproduct of Headwall's exceptionally precise spectrometer technology."

The push to make the foods we consume healthier and more nutrient-rich actually starts here...in the field. Thanks to innovative instrumentation from Next Instruments and Headwall Photonics, the science of agriculture has never been more precise.