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Headwall MV.C NIR Shown at A3 Vision Show 2022 in Boston

October 17, 2022


Fresh off Vision 2022 in Stuttgart, the world's largest machine vision fair, Headwall showed the new MV.C NIR for hyperspectral imaging in the 900 to 1,700 nm wavelength range at the A3 Vision Show in Boston. Controlled directly through perClass Mira® software, the MV.C NIR brings hyperspectral-imaging technology to more widespread use, increasing efficiency, reducing risk, and allowing more accurate grading of a wide variety of products. At the Headwall booth, you could see real-time classification of organic and non-organic tea leaves show in high-contrast, false-color red and green. You could also see a live demo of a Headwall system with a Hamamatsu camera in the Hamamatsu booth detecting differences in visually similar white powders using hyperspectral imaging.

In July, perClass became part of the Headwall Group. Until recently, utilizing hyperspectral imaging involved a time-consuming process of data acquisition, model development, and lengthy data analysis. perClass Mira® reduces complexity with an intuitive interface backed by advanced machine learning algorithms — dramatically expanding the addressable use cases for spectral imaging across numerous industrial markets.

Vision-Boston_Headwall-Booth-712 Vision-Boston_Hamamatsu-Booth

The Vision Show by A3 is North America's premier exposition for machine vision components and systems and is a biennial event, with the next happening in 2024.