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Center for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Europe (CHRSE)

About the CHRSE

CHRSE-Logo_Vector-Art_Ver 2 FINALThe Center for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Europe was formed in late 2019 by Headwall and geo-konzept to support the implementation and utilization of hyperspectral imaging technology with other sensor technology focusing on agriculture, mining, environmental monitoring and infrastructure inspection applications.

Our 2022 CHRSE Workshop




Our in-person attendance limit for the 2022 CHRSE Workshop was reached, so by popular demand we webcast and recorded two of the sessions at the workshop:

Click Here to Register to see Mission Example: Cuprite, Nevada by Carson Roberts, Ph.D.

Click Here to Register to see Two Hyperspectral Antarctic Histories: Curious Penguins and Red Algae by Dr. Prof. Luis Barbero.

Wed, 21 September 2022 CHRSE at geo-konzept GmbH in Adelschlag, Germany
Noon Welcome & Introduction
13:00 Mission Planning
14:00 UAV Flight Demo with Hyperspectral & LiDAR Payload
15:00 Data Handling (download and preliminary post processing)
16:00 Mission Example: Cuprite, Nevada (video and live presentation)
17:00 Q&A, Networking, Review
19:00 Group Dinner, Provided on Day 1
Thu, 22 September 2022 CHRSE at geo-konzept GmbH in Adelschlag, Germany
9:00 Data Processing (incl. conversion to reflectance & orthorectification)
10:00 Data Interpretation (incl. miniGIS software)
11:00 Speaker: Two Hyperspectral Antarctic Histories: Curious Penguins and Red Algae, Prof. Dr. Luis Barbero, Universidad de Cádiz
Noon LiDAR Workflow: Benefits of High-Resolution DEMs, examples of Fused Data
13:00 Lunch, Provided on Day 2
14:00 Q&A, Networking, Wrap-Up


Hotel Information for Visiting the CHRSE

Ask us about a keyword for reserved rooms!

Hotel Alder - Eichstaett
E-mail address:

IBB Hotel Altmuhltal-Eichstaett
E-mail address:

Here is a link to the health & safety policy regarding COVID-19 at the CHRSE at the geo-konzept facility.

Our 2021 CHRSE Workshop


UPDATE: two of the sessions at the workshop where webcast to allow those not able to travel to see some of the indoor content. You may register to see recordings of one or both using the links below.

  • Webcast Session 1: Wed, 8 Sep, Planning a UAV Hyperspectral Mission
  • Webcast Session 2: Thu, 9 Sep, Hyperspectral data post-processing, including preparing a LiDAR Point Cloud and DEM, conversion to radiance / reflectance, and orthorectification

The Center's formal in-person opening was postponed due to the global pandemic. Nevertheless, everyone was able to view and engage with a tremendously successful virtual workshop, held in November 2020. Workshop sessions were broken into Virtual Room 1 and Virtual Room 2.



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Location & Directions

Remote Sensing but not a Remote Location

The Center for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Europe is not just a virtual entity, it is a real location!

You need to make a reservation and arrange a visit. Both Headwall and geo-konzept have personnel and resources that can be utilized for your benefit. Tell us about your needs and ideas for projects both short and long term.

If you are traveling to the CHRSE, see additional travel details, below:

Airport Express Munich - Ingolstadt timetable
Airport Express Munich - Ingolstadt ticket shop
Important train stations
   - Adelschlag: CHRSE, geo-konzept Headquarter Adelschlag
   - Eichstätt Stadt: City Center of Eichstätt
   - Ingolstadt Nord: bus station Airport Express Munich

Please note, a bus connection between Adelschlag and Eichstätt is available but not recommended.
Bus shuttle between Eichstätt (Hotel, Dinner) - Adelschlag possible.
Bus shuttle to Ingolstadt (Aiport Express) possible.