Center for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Europe (CHRSE)

About the CHRSE

The Center for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Europe was formed in late 2019 by Headwall & geo-konzept to support the implementation and utilization of hyperspectral imaging technology combined with other sensor technology such as LiDAR and high-precision GPS focusing on agriculture, mining, environmental monitoring and infrastructure inspection applications. The Center will formally open on Thursday, 5 March 2019 with a free on-site workshop on that day to Friday, 6 March 20: save the dates [add to my calendar]!


Our Vision

Short- & Long-Term Goals

Remote sensing and hyperspectral imaging have existed for decades. There are many examples of their usefulness together, but the next evolutionary step is the development of application-relevant solutions on more intuitive platforms. With this in mind, the CHRSE brings multi-modal hardware, software, and application expertise together.

The Facility

More Than Just an Idea

The facility is located a short distance from Munich, Germany, and features:

  • Large outdoor areas safe for drone flights
  • Available, certified UAV pilots
  • Indoor meeting areas
  • On-location staff and resources for demo, training, and application development


What's Happening


We will host a workshop and formally inaugurate the Center on Thursday, 5 March to Friday, 6 March 2019. Sign up here (RSVP, space is limited).

With the advent of commercial packages that are more intuitive and robust for use in the lab, in the greenhouse, in the field, and from the air, HSI can be used for classification purposes or as input values for machine-learning approaches. Advanced data-analysis tools such as MiniGIS allow the visualization of hyperspectral data, provide an opportunity for statistical, parcel-specific data analysis, and enable the user to create individual, trait-specific indices. See the recording! Questions and Answers coming shortly, too.

Watch the recording of our webinar Detecting Vegetation Encroachment on Infrastructure with Hyperspectral Imaging & LiDAR. Questions & Answers available, too!

Recent article in EE Times on precision agriculture that features the Center, as well as quotes from Johannes Kutschera, head of Mining, Remote Sensing Department for Geo-Konzept, and Christian Felsheim, European Area Business Director for Headwall.

Contact Us

Information & More

You can reach us by e-mail or by post.

Location & Directions

Remote Sensing but not a Remote Location

The Center for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Europe is not just a virtual entity, it is a real location!

You need to make a reservation and arrange a visit. Both Headwall and geo-konzept have personnel and resources that can be utilized for your benefit. Tell us about your needs and ideas for projects both short and long term.