AGU 2021 in New Orleans

Tradeshow | Monday, Dec 13, 2021 to Friday, Dec 17, 2021

AGU_FallMeeting21_HZ_FullVersion_BLACKHeadwall will be in Booth 533 and present a poster paper at the AGU Fall Meeting. This event is the primary gathering for Earth and space scientists, students, and those in affiliated fields to share scientific findings and identify innovative solutions. Attendees will have numerous opportunities to network with government regulators, scientific visionaries, and industry thought-leaders with in-person and worldwide online participation. Join the diverse community in New Orleans and Online everywhere!

Headwall will be displaying our remote-sensing UAV-based systems and also presenting a poster, GC15B-0681 - Hyperspectral imaging and analysis of hydrothermal alteration mineralogy in Cuprite, Nevada by Dr. Carson Roberts, Headwall Senior Applications Engineer and Prof. Isabel Barton and Jingping He of the University of Arizona.

Low altitude (40-80m AGL) UAV Flights were conducted over the Cuprite Hills region of Nevada, USA, with a sensor payload including LiDAR, Short Wave Infrared (900-2500nm) and Visible Near Infrared (400-1000nm) Hyperspectral sensors. The LiDAR data were used to build 3D and Digital Elevation Models of the surveyed terrain, which were in turn used to orthorectify the data from the line scan imagers.

Samples were collected from the survey areas and analyzed in the laboratory to generate spectral libraries for classification of the spectral images.

Classification of drone-based hyperspectral scans shows the distribution of spectrally active minerals in the exposed upper zone of the Cuprite epithermal system in southern Nevada. The exposures of different types of clays, micas, sulfates, and other alteration products can help to map the nature, intensity, and geochemical conditions of the epithermal processes active at Cuprite, indicating a low-pH fluid system with variable sulfidation.

The classified mineral maps were then fused with the LiDAR point clouds to generate 3-dimensional images of the mineralogy of the areas surveyed.


AGU expects only fully vaccinated people to attend #AGU21 in-person. Anyone who is not fully vaccinated (two weeks after the last required shot) should plan to attend online. Visit our webpage for additional details and resources on COVID-19.

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