See the recording of a FREE Webinar on non-contact prediction of Brix in Blueberries using the Headwall MV.C NIR Hyperspectral Sensor with the perClass MIRA Scanning Stage.

inVision Days Tech Talk - Webinar

Webinar | Wed, 11:20am CET, Dec 6, 2023

inVision-Days_HSI-Session4Join a FREE tech-talk on Hyperspectral-Imaging Solutions by Headwall's Christian Felsheim, General Manager Machine Vision, at inVISION Days on Wed, 6 Dec at 11:20 CET.

inVISION Days are a free three-day online conference, where machine vision trends are presented in lectures, keynotes and panel discussions. The second day of the inVISION Days Conference will give an overview of current applications and new technologies. Both will be represented at the three sessions Multi- & Hyperspectral Imaging, SWIR & UV and Thermography.


The benefits of hyperspectral-imaging technology for machine-vision applications are numerous.

  • Non-contact means potentially 100% inspection
  • Rapid results
  • Wide range of wavelengths allow tailoring to product changes
  • Sophisticated yet proven technology
  • New portable scanning packages quickly deployed on location

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