Innovation is where we start


Born with an entrepreneurial spirit

Headwall began with a singular focus on diffractive optics and the unique ability to collect and manage reflected light to become the world's leading supplier of high-performance spectral acquisition instruments and exploitation software.

No other company offers as broad a range of spectral solutions, serving the following key vertical markets:

  • Remote sensing
  • Advanced machine vision
  • Medical and biotechnology

The Company was founded in 2003 after an operational divestiture from the holographic gratings division of Agilent Technologies of Santa Clara, CA.

grating-1As one example of commercializing innovation, the Headwall team designed and manufactured a new class of instruments called spectral imaging sensors.

The pairing of spectroscopy and imaging allows users to collect complex spectral information and then exploit that data to solve challenges in remote sensing, advanced machine vision, medical-biotech, and defense.

Today, Headwall is a global leader with facilities and partners around the world, providing spectral solutions for commercial users with critical, real-time application needs.


Our Quality Statement

NQA-ISO-9001-LogoWe will develop and deliver spectral instrumentation solutions for our customers that meet or exceed expectations while providing full product support. Headwall will invest in our core markets with a focus on continuous improvement for the benefit of all of our interested parties, including employees, suppliers, and our local and global communities.