Machine Vision: Food Quality & Grading

Detect & Measure

Hyperspectral imaging is a major step forward in the successful detection of foreign matter and pathogens that are visually undetectable but impact the safety of the foods we eat. From poultry and seafood to lamb, beef, and specialty crops, spectral imaging delivers a level of material classification that far exceeds typical RGB color cameras.

Biogenic amines are an indicator for decomposition of seafood, for example after interruption of appropriate cooling. Most commonly, an increase of histamine concentration goes along with such decomposition. This also known as “scombroid fish poisoning”.

Hyperspectral imaging can measure the concentration of histamine in fish and serve as a rapid and easy-to-use tool to come to an immediate, contact-free estimate of fish-freshness.

The image on the right displays histamine levels in fish based on fast, non-contact hyperspectral imaging and analysis.


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